Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's That Odd Season

Right now is that weird time of year for this sports junkie. You know football is over, hockey is kinda boring, and baseball hasn't started yet.

So I'm filling the lull with my own for of torture....

Well, not really. I get up willingly for this form of torture. Everyday at 5:30 in the morning I am up and in a CrossFit class. Doing grueling, crazy things, that are producing some amazing things.

Well maybe grueling and crazy are a bit over exaggerated. I mean when did 40 sit-ups make a person want to fling themselves off a building because they were so sore? But in the right context and with the proper accompanying exercise, all of a sudden you are sore in places you weren't aware you could make sore.

Its crazy to think that I can spend between 20 and 35 minutes working out and it is making noticeable differences in me. And the best part is the workouts are never the same thing over and over. The constant changes in what your focusing on is actually helping you build your body faster.

I don't know how or why exactly it works... That's why I go to a certified box with a certified trainer.I pay him to know that stuff. ;-)

What I do know is that even though I'm not doing deadlifts everyday, anytime they come up in a workout I find that I'm able to have a little better control and take on more weight than last time.

Now am I claiming that CrossFit is a cure all or for everyone? No. I know that each person needs to work to their potential, and that is different for every person.

In fact there is lots of controversy that surrounds the sport. With people not thinking things all the way through, doing dangerous things, and just generically being stupid the stigma surrounding CrossFit is its great until you get hurt.

Then don't get me started about the questions and things that come up about women who do CrossFit. I know that this woman can outlift you, but do you have to attack her? Let's be adult about this.

Here's my thoughts on all of it.

CrossFit isn't dangerous... when you do it right. If you work up and you build your body like you need too. The heavy lifts aren't easy, but you won't injure yourself. Its a challenge, that once you take on a conquer you can't wait till the next one. If you don't want to listen to the trainers that you pay, and do stupid things then you kind of are asking to get hurt. You have to be smart about your fitness the same way you have to be smart about what you put in your body. You know, don't eat fried chicken everyday and expect 6 pack abs. If you don't work up to a 300 pound lift, don't expect for things to turn out well.

Now... women of CrossFit. Let me start off by saying we are a awesome breed of woman and anyone that thinks otherwise obviously doesn't get the full scope of how awesome we are. There is this huge debate over sexy as far as women are concerned. Want my view point? Of course you do.

I think sexy is healthy. Women who work to take care of their body and this means weight training of some sort... that is sexy. Now how you decide to handle the weight training that is up to you. As for me... I"m not minding the rock solid results that CrossFit is giving me. So I think I will stick with it.

So while we are waiting for baseball pant season... I mean baseball season to start up, get active and find what your new addiction might be.

I'm calling it an addiction, because it is.

Have fun junkies and be safe!