Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 3 Recap

Okay before anyone gripes about the U of H uniform in the background, let me say I know, I know, I know... However, ladies take a moment and enjoy the view. Like I said there is never a bad game when you are a woman we can enjoy things about sports that men just can't. Celebrate that uniqueness. Which if you are a Texas Tech fan that would have been useful attribute, on Thursday, which I will get to in a moment, but first enjoy the photo a little more. Enjoy it like I did the fact that I have family members who think that I could score a man like Kingsbury. Not sure what that says about me or him. Oh well....

Alright, guys now here is the stuff that you want... Miss Junkie's opinion on the great games over the weekend. Cause I'm sure you all value what the tata's have to say about the super masculine sport. Lol!

Let's start out with the early game this week, Texas Tech took on TCU on Thursday with all eyes on the nation on us... Well, we were the only game on it stands to reason.

Let me start out by saying that this particular game, because both teams were working on a short week, ended up being the winner actually sucked less than the other guys.

Both teams had Saturday games and then had to turn around and play Thursday night. And Kliff said it the week before that it will come down to who handles the short week better... or in this case who sucked less.

The Tech TCU game was the ugliest Texas Tech win I have ever seen, but there are still some things that happened and were exposed... Well... to others.

So one thing that is going to be and issue and has been for Tech is size. On the line, off the line, in general Tech has been a small team for a long time. Which is usual talking fodder for the talking heads, but there was a clear cut reason that there is a difference between Mayfield and Webb and a lot of it has to do with sight down field. If you can't see down the field you can't make the plays. So being as big as the line is important and why guys like Vince Young were dynamo's.

There were stupid mistakes on both teams, but the one thing that remains the same is that Tech's defense has got to close that hole in the middle. Thank you Boykin! I should have been making money on bets. One thing that Boykin does and does well is run... He's not really a QB, so if the defense gives him a hole to run, run he shall, and run he did.

Now to look at the Offense. Tech I loved that you have such a deep and diverse receiving pool. Why didn't you use it the way you have in games past? At certain points I was pretty sure that Mayfield was connecting with Amaro just because he is the only guy that Mayfield could see over the line.

And lastly I have to pose a few questions about Mayfield himself. He's young, he's a walk on freshman and everyone is watching to see if Kingsbury has that "touch" when it comes to QB's... However... Oh you knew it was coming... However, Mayfield when you get tired your age and inexperience hangs out, bad. If a fan in the stands can see it, I guarantee you that a guy on the D line can smell it and they will be coming for you. So get that tucked back in, thanks.

Now here is the real question, with Mayfield how good is his mental game? I mean if he is having a hard time fighting through the fatigue mentally, how well can he fight the mental game when the Red Raiders are going to have to fight to come back from behind? Are we gonna see a team like that of A&M on Saturday, or are we gonna see the usual roll over and die Tech? Things that only time can answer.

And I'm not even gonna touch on the more painful parts of the game that include the referees, a dropped carry at the half yard line, because someone decided to celebrate sooner than he should have... And then there was a fox...

Speaking of foxes...

Mild side note: Kliff thank you for taking the plays out of the front of your pants, way less distracting, and the way I hear it... Most women want to reach down your pants anyway... But its not for your plays (yes, I went there)

On to the one game I couldn't wait to see all season and didn't have to wait long for the A&M Bama rematch.

Let me first say that I picked Bama for the win, but I was thinking that it would be more of a repeat of the Bama LSU game a few years ago where it all came down to who had the better kicker. I will say that this game did expose the machine. There are some flaws there Bama, and Saban knows it. I'm pretty sure that Saban knows they got lucky.

The arguments in the office are the difference of interceptions. I think those were good things for A&M, for no other reason than to remind Manziel that he isn't completely untouchable. However, there was no humiliating defeat that the nation was waiting for... Which I still don't understand why people seek so much pleasure in watching the failure of others?... But that is beside the point.

One thing that I did enjoy watching was A&M dig deep and close the gap. I then enjoyed watching Saban give the cue to kill as much clock as possible, so that Bama could walk away with the win. Now the men are talking about a no interception game would have gone the other way totally... Maybe.

I like talking about just a one interception game... That would have been a barn burner for sure and is why I love watching this sport. Cause let's face it the machine that is Alabama only needs one small thing to go right to act as a catalyst.

The Heisman talk that is surrounding Manziel I think is spot on, in order for him to repeat, A&M will have to be in the hunt for the SEC Championship... So with that thought I'm hoping that the team that comes up and surprises Alabama is Georgia, and they very well might. Its still early and as we all know injuries change seasons in a split second. So I will keep watching like the ultimate fan I am.

And congratulations to Ole Miss for beating UT... Maybe Brown will hang it up and UT will get rid of their network, but I doubt it....

And that is just this junkie's opinion.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 2 Recap

Like I said, no such thing as a bad game for a woman. Did anyone else noticed the looks of the Stephen F Austin QB? I'm telling ya... yummy. 

Okay now that I have that out of the way let's take a look back at the weekend. Nothing earth shattering happened, mainly because its week 2 and nearly every game was a non conference game, there weren't any super huge upsets.

On a side note congratulations to BYU on their win over Texas. Following the rabbit trail Texas its time to call time of death on Mack Brown's career he has served you long and well, but there needs to be some fresh blood in there and shake some things up... And I know that I will be hated for this statement, but I felt this way last year and that hasn't changed. Mack it was a good run, now its time to hang up you clipboard and retire.

So week 2 at Texas Tech wasn't a surprise to anyone. Tech stomped SFA. Now I will say this Tech looked solid and they looked tight.

Now with that said, don't get your hopes up Red Raiders. There were still some flaws that Tech should have taken the chance to work through, but didn't.

Welcome back Air Raid Offense, how I missed you so... Not. 

I will hand it to Mayfield kid has an arm and he's good, but here is my problem. Instead of letting the QB rest his arm some and run their ground game Tech thought it would be a good idea to push the QB, for a non conference game with over shot and under shot passes that I'm sure happened all because the kid was tired.

I had someone say you can't really test a ground game against a team like SFA. Here's my question, how could you take a perfectly good opportunity to not run the ground game? Seems like short sighted coaching. Instead of working out kinks in game situations, so that we know what needs to happen when we come up against I don't know OU... Let's instead run up the numbers and let everyone else know what I could tell other teams in the Big 12.

In case you aren't following, let me give you the key to crippling Tech's Offense... and it happens every time. OU is notorious for this... cover the passing routes.  

Which in all honesty I'm sure they missed knowing going in what they had to defend against. I'm just saying.

Now here are a couple of things that Tech is doing right. Diversifying receivers. Never going the same place twice. Brilliant! Why hadn't I... Oh wait, I've been saying that for as long as I can remember. 

The other thing that Tech did right was Jakeem Grant. You need to watch this kid. He's not big, but he is fast and hard to catch. I expect him to put up some great numbers this year, but more importantly I expect him to make some great plays.

On a random side note, Kliff get the plays out of the front of your pants. Its highly distracting. There are a reasons coaches invest in clipboards... I'm just saying.

Like I said nothing super earth shattering, but none the less its just this sports junkies opinion. 

Next weekend A&M takes on Alabama, and I can't wait!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Your Female There's Never A Bad Football Game

So this weekend I of course did my homework over teams and even more importantly I took in some games. 

But while I was enjoying the game and very worried that all the Tech hype was gonna be turned into dismay... well... because let's face it, Tech fans are an odd breed. It was pointed out to me that the man in the above picture Tech's own Jordan Davis is a very good looking man. I looked and sure enough the female that pointed this out to me was right. This brought up a point to me that every female sports junkie in the world can attest too.

We never have to sit through a bad game. If our team is losing, no problem, find the cute guy that is doing well and cheer him on. Most men can't do this and every good woman knows that when her man's team loses its not exactly a happy day. So ladies, remember we never watch a bad game.

Now on to the important stuff the dissection of last weeks games.

I won't be overly harsh or critical, because it is week one, but there were some things that did stand out.

Let's start off with the Big 12... Well, because its where I work and play and it is one of the toughest conferences in the country. We play every conference team every season. And a lot of years there are a few heavy hitters in the conference. So starting off OSU is slated to be the Big 12 champions... I'm still not sure why, but hey, maybe the talking heads know some things that the tata's just don't. With that said I will be keeping a close eye on TCU.

Yes I said TCU. Look at the game that they chose to play right off the bat. Picking LSU as your first game for a non conference was risky to say the least. The injury factor alone is reason enough for me to question how worth it would be. But it did show me something that I'm sure will be over looked a lot. TCU fought... hard. Yeah they might have lost to LSU, but a 10 point loss to a team that should have put up bigger numbers says a lot. I think that TCU will be the dark horse of the Big 12 for multiple reasons. They started making waves last year, but couldn't stay healthy and keep up the momentum. I'm kind of crossing my fingers that, that won't be the case this season.

I already discussed Tech and Kingsbury's supposed "Heisman Touch" that people are watching for and no one is talking about here.

Now let's move into the SEC.

Of course Alabama is a machine. Do you expect any less? Not from a school that is about to be the first college football team in history to accomplish a possible three peat National Championship title.

Now if you believe the talking heads there might be a contender or two that could put a kink in that. Georgia being one of the teams. And the Georgia Clemson game was a bit of a barn burner. So these will be teams that you need to keep an eye on.

Now on to Manziel and A&M... I'm doing this only because I have friends that oddly think that I think that Manziel is a god send when it comes to football. I'm not gonna lie the kid is fun to watch, but if we keep seeing what we saw this last weekend. I think Manziel will be riding the pine pony.

For those of you that have been cave dwelling over the last couple of months you need to know that Manziel was investigated by the NCAA for signing merchandise and profiting from it... Okay...

Anyway the NCAA closed the case and slapped Manziel on the wrist with a half game penalty. So Manziel had to sit out the first half of the Rice game. Which was nice for a junkie like me. It gave me the opportunity to see how much depth the Aggies had as far as QB's go. The QB under Manziel, Joeckel, wasn't overly stunning. But this kid is smart, looks for the options, and was connecting well with his receivers. 

Now that's what I learned during the first half.

During the second half there were some things that showed up that Sumlin will have to get under control. His super star QB being on top of that list. Manziel mouthing and carrying on the way he did, just showed every team in the nation that it doesn't take a lot to get under this kids skin. And that Manziel doesn't have the leadership that he needs to create a cohesive team. 

Now I realize that the last half of the game was his first half of the season and I hope that Sumlin gets a hold of Manziel. I then hope that next week a very different team takes the field. I will be the first to admit that the team that I saw in the second half of the game this past weekend won't be able to beat Alabama. 

So those will be things to be watching for. 

I will be watching Cincinnati and Tommy Tubberville, because of the possibility that there might be an ACC team in it to win it this year. And I do have to send out a congrats to Auburn for their win over Washington State.

Until prediction time boys... watch game film and then come play along later this week. (hint, hint, wink, wink)

Until the weekend my junkies!