Monday, April 22, 2013

Marathons and Football

So this weekend Tech embraced a tradition that has been around since I think the dawn of the sport. The spring scrimmage. This was huge for Red Raiders this year, they had a record setting turn out and there were a couple of things that impressed me this year.

The week leading up to the spring game was madness in the world. This craziness even crossed over into the world of sports. The event that started the crazy week was a bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A huge marathon that is world renowned, was shaken by two bombs that went off at the finish line.

Heck the sports world was shaken...

All that bad news, terrorism, bombs, loss of life, ect... was being used in conjunction with a great sporting event.

This sports junkie was not happy.

I don't talk hard news for a reason its depressing.

So my favorite news world and my least favorite world collided, but despite all that I was reminded yet again why the world of sports amazes me on a daily basis.

The New York Yankees put aside their rivalry with Boston and played the one song that is played at every Boston home game. Yes the New York Yankees played Sweet Caroline to honor Boston. As did the rest of the MLB. All week long I heard reports of Sweet Caroline being played at ball parks around the country.

Then there was the disaster in West, Texas that seemingly took a back seat to the things that happened in Boston. Which I'm sure that the community of West was grateful for not having the media in the mix, but very grateful they were in the great state of Texas.

So after the bombing, the death of one bomber, the capture of another bomber, and the events that unfolded at West. The sports world paused to reflect.

At the spring scrimmage at Texas Tech, the band was going, the fans in the stands were cheering and then for one minute, everything in the stadium stopped. There wasn't a child crying, or a person talking. Things were totally silent and the only noise you could hear was the west Texas wind. It was so quiet that I got chills.

There was a level of love, honor and respect there for people that no one knew, but we all stopped for a moment to think of.

Just a little proof that no matter how far away something happens there is always a common thread that will tie Americans together.

And that is just this Sports Junkie's opinion.

I promise next go around it will actually be a fun post.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eyes On Boston

Of course I was going to have to say something about the tragic events in Boston. It was at a sports related event wasn't it?

So every year around this time, there is the Mecca of marathon races going on. 2,700 marathoners who have run marathons over the last year to get qualifying times, paid exorbitant dues, traveled, trained, and prepared for the 26.2 mile foot race known as the Boston Marathon.

I'm a runner, but by no means am I a marathoner. I kind of wish I was, but I'm just not built for it. I'm working towards it, but we shall see.

Let me just say that I have a respect for marathoners, especially those who run the Boston Marathon, for no other reason than you have to qualify to run in Boston. This is the elite of the elite. I was even proud to say that I knew a marathoner.

Then yesterday happened, this is something that every sports reporter, or sports person hates to see happen.

Locally there are a couple of morning show guys that I had bumped into off air and I asked them, during the whole stink with Penn State and Joe Pa, how they were "enjoying" covering that (very tongue and cheek of course). One of the men that I was talking too said that he hated it, because its sports, "were like the toy section in the news world."

I agree because things like what happened in Boston yesterday... never happen. Well, until it did.

As soon as I heard the news I was hunting for information on the runner that I knew would be running. I knew the pace that he was wanting to keep and that would have put him close to the area, if my calculations were correct. And I was. I found out last night that this runner was crossing the finish line when the bombs went off. He was hit in the shoulder by flying debris, but was okay.

Now as thankful as I am that the runner I knew was okay I had to stop and reflect on the events that had unfolded.

I came to a couple of conclusions. Let's start with the reason this was so horrific wasn't because it was on our soil. We've had way worse go on, and carried on. Now I'm not trying to lessen the tragic events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon by any means, but it made me wonder why this was such a over tragic even that justified hour long specials the same night.

Here's what I've come up with, sports in any fashion is a level playing field and allows people to come together in celebration who might not have come together other wise. What more perfect example than the Olympics? Every country comes together on one stage to compete for the gold and prove they are the best in the world. Nations are brought together on one stage in a peaceful competition. Nothing can upset a joining of nations or a joining of people like a bomb.

And was I the only person to notice that where the bombs went off initially was behind an area of the race where lots of flags from other countries were placed? That alone made a statement to me.

Then I was reminded that it was Tax Day yesterday, so it could have been any whackadoodle with an agenda.

The fact of the matter still remains this, people were shaken and that was the point, but remember that this is Boston. A city that has roots steeped deep in patriotism and the we can get back up mentality.

The Red Sox went on to win their game last night. Which I was glad to see, Boston needed a win in more way than one.

So this week runners, athletes, walkers, or anything in between, when you lace up your shoes, do it for the three lives that were lost in Boston and all those that were injured, both physically and mentally. And remember that there might be people who can no longer do what you can. Not because they made a bad decision, but because they did what they loved to do.

That's just this sports junkies opinion.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Excitement in the Most Boring Sport

This was a weekend for the record books...

Okay that might be a stretch, but I was definitely on the edge of my seat most of the weekend.

The Red Sox's were staring down the barrel of a no-hitter, which didn't happen. The Rangers had a tie in their series (eesh), and the Masters was on everyone's lips.

Yes, I said the Master's.

The most boring sport to watch known to man (in my opinion at least), was the sport that everyone was talking about for more than one reason.

Tiger Woods decided to kick things off with an illegal drop. Now when I first heard about this I went, it happens. Then when I realized that the drop gone awry was 5 to 6 feet from the original spot the ball was at. I at first was shocked, I mean come on Tiger you're a professional. Then I stopped and thought, maybe this isn't such a big surprise. Let's really stop and think about this, Tiger in the last year or so has decided to revamp his image to be the bad boy of the PGA world. So much so that when there was all that media attention on what Tiger supposedly did, didn't do, etc... The Masters asked themselves if they want to be associated with such a person. Now, I'm sure they are wondering what they had done. I guess it's a slippery slope once you start beating your wife and acting like a crazy person.

So the Masters decided to give Tiger a 2 stroke penalty. Which lots of people thought that he should be tossed from the tournament.

Let me insert here that I play golf and I played tournaments in high school. I was pretty good. One thing that I know about a 2 stroke penalty is this it can be the hardest thing to come back from. a 2 shot penalty is the difference between a birdie and a bogie.

Now at the amazing level that the athletes on the PGA circuit compete at a 2 stroke penalty can take you from the leader board to 10th in the blink of an eye. With that said, Tiger finished 4 strokes over and the leaders that had to play a sudden death match finished at 8 under. Which Tiger was a total of 10 strokes away from the lead. There was no way that he could catch up.

Now after that big to do, the two leaders that finished with the same 8 under went into a sudden death match. Now if you have seen the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance you know that this could turn into a very interesting death match and could go on for awhile. It was two holes in total I believe, but at the end of it all, the guy that they thought was going to win didn't. It was someone that they were keeping tabs on, but didn't expect to win.

The part I liked the best was the sudden death, it is absolutely on the edge of your seat excitement. Golf is a tough sport, then add in the pressure of every swing you make will either push you one step closer to the win or end everything right there.

This all goes to show that anything can happen in the world of sports and I don't want to miss a second of it!

See ya somewhere in the great big wide world of sports!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Night Lights

"Gentlemen, the hopes and dreams of an entire town are riding on your shoulders. You may never matter again in your life as much as you do right now." -Friday Night Lights

The odd part about the quote above is it is actually a pretty true thought across the board for any "good" football town... well, in Texas anyway.

If there is one thing that is purely Texan it is our obsession with football. It is something that runs deep in this part of the country and I was reminded of it on the field last night.

Last night Texas Tech held an open practice for the public. Usually the only time fans get a peek at the Red Raiders and the possibilities that will be opened up to the Red Raider fans for the up coming season is in the form of the Red and Black game or the spring game as its better known in other parts of the country. I was elated to get to see this practice, just because it's easier to see how well we have the basics down.

Before I get into the technical and the things I'm looking forward to seeing on the field, let's discuss the off the field.

I have made no bones about the fact that I stood behind Tommy Tuberville while he was at Tech. I stood behind him, because I was behind the team as a whole, not just the coach. When he left that didn't change my feelings for the team. I was still a Red Raider and I was still going to support my team. That won't change.

Here's the way things are looking off the field for the Red Raiders. The fan base is united yet again. Fans are happy that one of their own has come home to roost. They even showed up with this amazing eagerness and energy that was in the air last night. The energy from 6,000 people was amazing. I can't wait to be photoging on the sidelines while its packed out this season.

The teams energy was great, everything last night was looking amazing. So there is an optimism there for a bright season for Tech.

Not only that Kingsbury's presence at Tech has brought a new light to the female interest in the sport.So much so that I wonder if the tortilla toss will be replaced with a panty pitch.

Let me just say ladies I get it. I have met the man, the myth, the legend, and I get it. I however, didn't feel this compulsive need to throw myself at the coach, I mean its pointless. He is a man just like everyone else and at the end of the day, he wants to be treated like he is a normal human being. All super studs prefer that. Besides that he is a man and they all fall into the same category when it is all said and done. So cool your jets.

That has been an interesting turn of events in the fan base to say the very least.

Now with that said...

Here is my real opinion.

Brewer looked good and the team looked good. The receivers were looking solid and things were clicking nicely. I however am approaching this season with cautious optimism for multiple reasons.

Let's start off with its one open practice, and any athlete knows that practice is nothing like playing a game. When you work with the same kids you learn how to read their weaknesses, for that interception. Plus practices are about running and working plays so well that they are second nature. This all kind of goes back to why I love sports, anything can happen that will change the entire course of a game, and there are just somethings that you can't prepare for. No matter how much you try.

I'll even go ahead and throw out that our team is small, but that isn't anything new. The Tech football program has always had a thing for small. I"m taller than wide receiver Jakeen Grant, I'm also heavier, but you give that kid some open space and he's gone.

Now despite what I saw last night at the practice under the Friday night lights last night I still remain cautiously optimistic, for two main reasons.

First, I don't care that Kingsbury played here before. I don't care that he "knows" the program, the fact of the matter is this- he is a new coach, at his first head coaching gig, there will always be a period of adjustment. There always is in the beginning. Kids have to get use to the coach and vice versa. The big question will be, will Raider Nation allow for the grace period, or turn on someone? Given the love that has been shown for Kingsbury from Raider Nation, I feel bad for Brewer, because now there will be a new level of added stress.

Random side note, one thing that I think I enjoyed about Tuberville being at Tech was this the fans laid off the kids and stood behind the kids. When the kids dropped passes, had bad throws and missed tackles it was all Tuberville's fault. Where as in the Leach era, Leach was never at fault and people were hateful to the players, especially the QB's. I was on campus during the Taylor Potts years and it was shameful the way the kid got treated by everyone after a loss.

Maybe I will live to see the day where Red Raider Nation says, "Hey we lost. We didn't play well, it happens and its okay. We will be back next week and we will win." Instead of fans trying to find somewhere to lay the blame. I'm expecting a cold day in hell before this actually happens.

My second reason for being cautiously optimistic is the fact that we are in the Big 12 and everyone is looking to prove something every year, and you can't tell me that the coach who coached the youngest Heisman trophy recipient in history doesn't have a target on his back. Every time we take the field against a conference team, they will have more to prove than usual...and given Tech's track record for being unable to stay healthy... I'm fully expecting to get beat up early and often.

But that is just this sports junkies opinion.

Friday, April 12, 2013

We're Just Two Series In

Well, the Rangers have started the season with a bit of a bang. And its not on the field.

Well, not exactly.

This season so far we have lost two games total, but we have won both series that we have played; which means that we are looking at a four game win, which gives us some great stats. However, some of our swiftest wins have been delivered on the arm of Yu Darvish.

That makes this girl very happy. I love to watch Darvish pitch! He makes it look so effortless, signs of a great athlete. Darvish's win record alone last season is reason enough for Ranger fans to continue to be hopeful.

However, this season has already been crazy in the world of commentary off the field.

There was the ending of Darvish's perfect game that had some tasteless commentary brought on by the Astro's commentators, that I still think was blown completely out of proportion, given the context of the situation.

You can read those thoughts here.

The thing that got me this series was the things that were going on with former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton.

Anyone who watched last season knew that there was no love lost between the Rnager's fan base and Josh Hamilton. Towards the end of the season when it really should have mattered, he didn't play like it did. Lots of fans place the blame of losing out the way the Rangers did on Hamilton's shoulders, which is understandable.

Now I will be the first on record to say it’s not just one player...typically, it takes a team effort to lose.

With that said...

Hamilton finished the season with some great stats, that he had acquired in the the early part of the season, then it hit the fan and instead of trying to put out an effort, Hamilton played like he gave up and the fans in return gave up on him.

By the end of the season the fans hated Hamilton and the feeling was mutual. So following in C.J. Wilson's footsteps, Hamilton headed out to the Angels... which makes me laugh, to no end.

So upon Hamilton's exit he said in an interview that he was glad to be leaving for a city that was a baseball town... uh-hmm hello?

You are leaving to go to the Angels. There is a reason that the movies that show Angel games show empty stands.

That's neither here nor there.

So needless to say Hamilton just told the Metroplex that they weren't a baseball town, because they lacked the heritage and the 30 years of sold out stands that would qualify them as a baseball town.

Here's a tip Josh, don't piss the Texans off, were kind of a hot blooded bunch. While we hang on to our rivalries and such I guarantee you anytime something out of the state of Texas makes a big impact the full force of the state is standing behind you.

In a random act of nature let’s say the Astros make it to the World Series. I guarntee you that even as a Rangers fan I would watch and cheer on the Astros, just because they are a Texas team. That is something that people who weren't born in this state don't understand the pride that runs deep for our state.

For those of you who don't know, Hamilton is from North Carolina, and by southern standards a yankee.

Now let me throw some stats at you, because isn't that what baseball is? A game of stats.

So the Metroplex isn't a baseball town, and you traded to the Angels. Hmmm.

Sounds to me like you are looking for a little heritage Josh. Heritage teams are great, I love them, good for you!

Well, you traded to the wrong team, if you’re looking for heritage. There is a little team that was founded in 1883 called the Dodgers, and has been based in LA since 1958. The Angels you traded to however, they were founded in 1961 and have been based in Anaheim since 1966... Hmmmmmm.

The Rangers were founded the same year as the Angels and have been a part of Arlington since 1972.

So if you are looking for heritage which judging by your comments Hamilton, I assume you are... I hate to break it to you, but you went to the wrong team in California.

If that is what you are looking for?… I mean I'm confused, you want to leave for a team with some heritage and some grit behind it right? Then why wouldn't you trade to an older more established team? I might be blonde, but the logical thought just isn't there. If your poorly worded comment, just meant that you were looking to move to a team with some heritage.

But if you were making your comments to take a cut at the fans, which given your apparent maturity level I'm sure that was really the goal at hand...

Well, we let you know what we think of you. And my team let you know what they think of you too.

You were booed every time you walked up to the plate, and I love that we were willing to walk the batter in front of you just to make sure you were the final out of the game. To clench the Rangers series win.

Now, I will say this. When you got traded off Hamilton, no one cared you were really of no consequence. However, because you have the maturity of a 13 year old girl and decided to take a swipe at the fans you will suffer the repercussions of your actions. If you had just shown a hint of maturity, this would have been no big deal.

But what did the fans really expect of a low caliber individual? I mean really.

So with that said...

Hamilton, I'm glad to see you go. I wish you the best and hope that you enjoy battling it out for king of the basement with your heritage team and your "baseball town."

As for me I'll stick with the Rangers and keep my Texas pride, heritage team or not. 

And that is just this sports junkies opinion.

There Is a Thin Scarlet Line...

And you sir just crossed it.

I know that this blog originally started as a blog for writer’s inspiration and has kind of morphed into something that... well... I don't know what it is, but I know that when I run across things that I find interesting and compelled to write about I do.

Here recently my panties have been twisted...

Well, not really. I'm more up in arms about the fact that people feel the need to make everything so politically correct...

All over an interesting article that has been making the rounds of all my Texas Tech friends. Here is the link:

Take time and read the article. It’s short, sweet and to the point.

Okay now that you've done that, let me just start off with the generic sports mentality. Don't mess with my sports traditions! They are traditions for a reason.

Now I know that sports over the past two to three decades have come under some serious scrutiny for certain aspects of tradition. For example most recently in baseball I remember a time where there was a over exaggerated mascot that was brought under fire for the way that the Native American nation thought that he was portraying them to the rest of the country. It was highly offensive. I'm sure you all know that I'm talking about the Cleveland Indians mascot.

To that I say, really?!?

I think that for you to think that some guy who wears an obvious suit is portraying you in a bad light you have got to be aching for something to complain about.

The next thing that got scrutinized was the tomahawk chopping motion, okay seriously?...

When people start doing this I kind of want to say why stop there? I mean really?

So let's get this all politically corrected up.

Let's start with the obvious offensive things; first, no more gender differentiation. So if the Lady whatever's, or the whateverette's are playing and you don't keep up with the sports schedules, then you might be super surprised when you get to the game.

Next let's take care of PETA, so lions, tigers and bears bye bye.

Names that denote violence, you're out too. So all you raiders, cowboys, titans and vikings tough luck.

And the hand gestures those have got to go too. The bear claws, the hook 'ems, tomahawks and everything else. Bye bye.

So now that we have everything cleaned up I believe that the only teams in the country that can keep their names are the 49'ers and the Houston Astros.

I did have an argument about the Yankees. The term Yankee is a derogatory southern term used to describe some one from the north, I'm sure that there is some Northerner that would get there panties in a bunch over it. So it is considered offensive. That and Yankee is not a politically correct term. So that won't fly here.

I did just think of the Mets... Sorry guys briefly forgot about y'all.

This letter does make me laugh.

He talks about other Southern schools having to drop using the confederate flag at sporting events for obvious reasons... I would like you to reference the great state of Mississippi and some its high institutions of learning.

This letter might have been composed and published in Texas, but the author has yet to figure out in Texas we are kind of proud of our guns in all forms. I'm actually fairly certain this guys isn't even Texan. I would bet money he's an import from somewhere.

Tech could be petitioned for it and I don't think it will ever happen. One thing all Southerners are proud of is their traditions.

This does make me think back to a discussion that I was having with a fellow collegiate before a class while I was at Tech.

She was telling me how offensive she found, what I found to be a very witty and intriguing show, King of the Hill. She found it offensive because she felt that it was telling the rest of the country that Texas is filled with back water trailer trash.

I thought it was funny and very relevant, because it brought up things like, public education, politics, and economics among other things. At the same time it had some solid truths to it. Like everyone in Texas knows a Dale type character, and a Boomhauer, as well as a Bill. But there is one thing that rang truer than anything else for this viewer. At the end of the day this show boiled down to a man who did what he did, because he was a proud American and an even prouder Texan, and that was something that I didn't find offensive.

With that...

I am a proud Texas Tech Alum, and I hold my guns high at sporting events and every time our school song is played. That is one tradition that I will pass on, to my children and their children. Not the gun part per-say, but the pride in where you come from and the pride for who you support.

Now I will leave you with this thought. If we start PC'ing up sports where does it stop? Will it stop when they take all the violence out completely? So football is no longer tackle, but two below, and boxing turns into a glorified pillow fight?

It’s all food for thought.

And that is just this sports junkies opinion.

Why I Love Sports

There are some days I don't know what is funnier, girls faces when I start talking about a sport outside of the context of who has the better looking backside; or a guys face when I start challenging why they think their team is going to win. Either way it has become a mild form of entertainment for me. Then last night I kind of wondered if this might be hampering me in the dating department. Which brought up a whole slew of questions and the answer ended up boiling down to the unfortunate fact of the matter is that nothing really going to change much of anything. I enjoy sports too much.

Let's start with the simple fact that I grew up in a house where that's what was on tv... Sports you name it, it’s on. I even remember my dad sitting down and willingly watching yachting and their 10 minute turns. It was painful to say the least.

I do know that in our house there were seasons, there was football season, basketball season, and then the summer season. Dad didn't get into baseball all that much, which I was fine with. Actually the only baseball I remember dad watching was during the last home run race. I had no idea what was really going on, but dad wanted to watch just to say that he saw the history happen... I get it now... I have since discovered the passion for baseball. I can't discuss the strategy, because I don't understand the strategy well enough, but I'm working on it.

I know why dad enjoyed the sports he did... Heck I've seen the film that my dad talked about. He watched the NBA because of guys like Dr. J and Larry Bird, who had skills and played the game. The whole game didn't come down to who can out dunk who. I grew up watching guys like Micheal Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Carl Malone, John Stockton and Shaq, when he played in Orlando... Yeah. Think about that. The first Olympic dream team was out there and I watched the Lady Raiders take a national title with Cheryl Swoops leading the pack. I even remember this kid Darwin Hamm shattering a backboard on the college level... It shocked everyone the announcers included. But it is one of those moments that unless you saw it no one understands.

We watched the NFL religiously in our household. Sunday if you didn't want to watch football you better find something else to do, cause it was game day in our house. I watched the Cowboys take Super Bowl championships with the likes of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Deion Sanders. The Dallas trifecta, they were an unstoppable team. Then I watched Sanders change teams, Smith retire and Aikman age out. While what seemed like thugs take over the ranks. Leaving me some what disheartened, and moving me into the world of college football.

I like hockey and it’s not just for the violence. Hockey is a beautiful sport under the right circumstances. I had watched off and on for years, then I watched the last winter Olympics, Team USA and Team Canada were playing against each other. Something that hadn't happened in like 40 years... History in the making already.

Not only that, it gave new depth to the game. Team mates were suddenly competing against each other for gold. Plus the games themselves were fast and hard hitting, but not dirty. There is still a degree of decorum in the arena of Olympic hockey. Then the two teams met up again... Yes, twice the US and Canada went head to head in a total grudge match. This was hockey the way it should be played. Plus you couldn't watch the amazing saves by Team USA's Ryan Miller at goal and not tell me that you wouldn't be a little fascinated by the sport.

So a little insight...

Then last night I was watching what was picked as the must watch bowl game of the season. Yes... the must watch bowl game wasn't the BCS, the Rose, or anything else, but it was the Cotton Bowl; for more than one reason. Let's start with the former Big 12 rivalry that was there. I actually think my favorite quote of the evening came from the announcers saying that Bob Stoops has been telling his team that A&M isn't a SEC team, they are a Big 12 team... Ha! I think after last night the proof is there that they have always been an SEC team. I think that was made apparent when OU started huffing and puffing trying to keep up. But I'm not gonna rehash the epic win that A&M and Manziel managed to pull off.

Instead this is going to be the perfect demo of why I love sports.

I wanted A&M to win for no other reason than I can't cheer on a team that I have no respect for the coach. Stoops falls into this category. Conference allegiance or not, I just can't look past it. That and A&M has set out to prove something I mean they moved from the Longhorn... I mean Big 12 Conference for a reason. They know that they have skills to offer, they just weren't gonna get a fair shake. I don't blame them for the leave.

The game was a bit of a nail bitter early on. Manziel couldn't get his rhythm going, and wasn't falling into his passing stride as quickly as he had been, but his line was working hard to give him the time he needed.

Then came that game defining moment that A&M needed to light what ever spark they needed to find their rhythm in the game. They intercepted a pass from Landry Jones. And I'm not talking about kind of bobbled into an interception. I'm talking about a it looked like Jones was actually passing to the wrong player, right place, right position, perfect timing type of interception... I got up and cheered... Heck the dog even barked over it.

It was from that moment that I started seeing the team that I had enjoyed watching in the SEC. The team that made it look like lots of crazy-wild-anything-can-happen-fun-to-play football. That one small play changed the entire tone and the outcome of the game, because A&M took the opportunity and monopolized on it.

It was college football at its finest and was a game to leave you talking.

I think that these moments in sports can be sort of a metaphor for life. Good things happen, like catching an interception... or bad, like throwing the interception. It’s what you do after that moment that matters. You can fight hard to monopolize on your advantage, take it for what it is, or do nothing. But the smart athletes take every chance they can get to fight for the win.

Are you given awards in life? No. Well not in the form of trophies or metals, but what you leave behind is way more important. And I don't ever want people to think that I didn't take the opportunity... whatever it is.

I Never Said It Was Bad...

So yesterday the social media sphere in my neck of the woods almost suffered a major melt down. Everyone was facebooking, retweeting, hashtagging, and whatever-elsing, rumors that former Texas Tech QB and general all around super stud Kilff Kingsbury was returning home.

This got on my nerves to no end.

Until I hear it come out of someone’s mouth with some pull... Think AD Hocutt or the Hancellor himself, I'm not buying it. But as usual I have a few thoughts on the situation.

Let me just say that I have never felt more out of place, and at the same time right at home as I have shooting on the sidelines of the Tech football games. I could feel the men of the gridiron media arena look at me with a curious look, thinking to themselves what is a woman doing here?

Well, this woman has always wanted to get into sports broadcast. When I initially went to college my idea of a dream job was to be a photo journalist for SI. And I'm not talking about shooting women's tennis matches, the LPGA or even the WNBA when it was in existence. I wanted to shoot college football and I'm talking all of it National Championships, bowl games, all of it. I am even passionate about watching the sport.

The hardest part of standing on the sidelines in any game is keeping your mouth shut when you are there in a media capacity. So being that crazy girl who wears the same game day clothes to bring her team a little luck, and who screams at the TV over a bad call that the refs made, I don't exaggerate when I say that my heart sings during college football season.

Now I watch all types of games from every conference, if the match up is there for a good game I watch it.

 I don't care if it is a high scoring game with big pass plays and miraculous God only knows how a team pulled that off wins.

I still swear that the best game I have ever watched was the 2011 SEC match up between LSU and Alabama the first time (the BCS game was a joke). They were #1 and #2 in the BCS rankings. It was a great game because of this (and this is where lots of people loose their argument with me, because they think this game was pitiful because of it) it all came down to the special teams.

Most people hate games like that. I loved it… Ate it up…. The ground game was there on both sides. The pass plays were there, and more importantly the defense was there.

So it all came down to who had the better kicker. I wanted Bama to win, because of my uncle. But I also saw the type of football that my dad watched for. That perfect culmination of things that makes your heart pound with adrenaline and takes you on a emotional roller coaster ride unlike any other.

Now with all that said...

Kliff Kingsbury has returned to Texas Tech to be the head coach and I have stated in prior posts that I would lead the chants of "you my dear are a moron" (I said dear that takes the sting out right?)...

I will admit that this might not be fair. I mean I would assume that and Academic All- American would be anything but.

I am glad that Tech hired a coach that finally unified the fan base.

There is nothing more discouraging to a fan than the fans who cling on to a prior administration and refuse to move on and embrace the beautiful change that could happen if you just let it.

There have been a few other comments that I have come across that I would like to address, just because I think they show ignorance and I think its funny. And I am actually going to point out the POSITIVE things that this could mean for Tech football.

Yeah I never said that hiring Kingsbury would be a bad thing for Tech. I just said this might not be the best career move for Kingsbury. Let's seriously think about this. Leaving a freshman Heisman winner, who set records in lots of ways and will be eligible to win again; plus leave a team that was making waves in the SEC first year in?... See where I'm going with this (and yeah I know sophmore slump, Saban will have film on him, blah, blah, blah). Kingsbury could have rode that out and written his own ticket any where. And I do mean anywhere.

But hey what do I know? I'm a chick complete with double D's so I can't have an opinion on a completely male dominate sport right?


I want to start with this gem of a comment. So long Tuberville now its time for some real football... Ha! *eye roll*...

Leave it to the unrefined and Big 12 centered palette to think that "real football" consists of big scores and big pass plays with no defense to speak of.

This is one thing that I hope that Kingsbury doesn't revert back too. I really liked having a ranked defense through a chunk of a season. A well rounded football program can not only pass, but has the ability to run a ground game.

This is where Doege lost me a lot this season. He was comfortable in the pocket and when he was on God help you. But due to bad knees he wasn't able to really scramble the way he needed too and you could tell it, by watching him run. And OU showed the nation what happens when you cover passing routes when you take on Tech. Can we say big win?

However I tip my hat to Tuberville for honoring commitments that Leach made to this kid.

Here is another gem that I came across. This one makes me shake my head... Now we can say that we have a piece of the Heisman. Oye vey!

Seriously? Did you just try to lay partial claim to something that Tech Athletics had nothing to do with? Did you seriously just put out there that you think that by hiring on Kingsbury that automatically entitles us to a "piece"...

Your misguided notions make me want to high five you... in the face... with a chair. And it also makes me lose a little faith in humanity.

Let me first say that whoever made that comment... I'll stop there.

There are a couple of things wrong with this. This plays into why I think Kingsbury's move was a little short sided (so bare with me). Kliff didn't win the Heisman. The kid he was coaching Manziel did.

Do I think that Kliff had a little something to do with that? I would be just as dumb as the above mentioned ignoramus (which I'm not) if I said no. I think that what Kingsbury was able to cultivate in a Freshman was amazing and astounding.

I watched at the beginning of the season and not just after Manziel and the Aggies beat Alabama. I watched because I was curious about how a Texas team would preform in the big bad SEC. Manziel was good at the start, he was definitely green when it came to performing on a collegiate stage, but he had the chops to begin with. I remember having this conversation with a Aggie friend of mine, "To bad they aren't seriously looking at Manziel as Heisman potential... kids got some skills."

However some things happened after this Manziel started calming down and working sand lot football (which is fun to watch and gets a lot of chatter going, which helped Manziel with that Heisman win).

The heart involved in that type of play is something that coaches no matter how good you are you can't teach kids... Sorry you just can't.

This kid figured out the longer he's able to shag the defense the more opportunity opens up. I think Kingsbury taught him to look for the options. I also think that Kingsbury taught him some things that contributed to a big season for Manziel that culminated in a Heisman trophy win. But that calm-no-sweating- it-collected-ness that Manziel had on the field can't be taught. It just can't its mentality folks. Don't believe me, let me refer you to the Potts era at Tech. One bad pass play, you should have just pulled the kid, because mentally he was done. And every team we played knew that. Rattle Potts and we can add one to the W column.

Now with all that said here is where Tech was smart to move when they did. Thanks to Heisman Trophy winner Manziel... Tech hiring on the coach that he worked with, our ranked recruiting class might not be so quick to jump ship; which happens when the coach who recruited them jumps ship.

I honestly think that Tech moving on Kingsbury the way they did was brilliant and lets be honest Hance didn't fight it, because of that little ole trophy (thus proving me right)... Kingsbury has officially made a name for himself.

So Kliff if you're reading this (listen to me being all self-aware thinking that some big HC is reading this) here are my hopes for you in the coming years at Tech.

I hope that you are able to build on a program that has had mediocre results at best. I hope that you are as brilliant as I think you are at working plays. I hope that you are able to recruit a team that Tech desperately needs, and that's a team with a defense. I hope that you are able to keep the fans unified. And more importantly I hope that the fans don't turn on you if you lose or have a bad season, because you are one of our own.

But more importantly I hope that you don't take this team back to what I like to call the dark days of the every play is the hail mary pass play. I wish you the best of luck and hope for great things to be born out of this transition.

I can't wait to see you on the gridiron.

So to your health, the health of your team, and may the football gods smile upon you...

And Wreck 'Em Tech!  

New Coaches, Heisman Trophies, and lots of chatter, Oh My!

If you haven't heard, because you forgot to get out from underneath that rock you live under, Tommy Tuberville has left Texas Tech after 3 seasons. I have a few opinions on this.

First off I can't blame the man; I would leave a team that had as many awful, hateful, unyielding fans that Tech had. Why should you stay somewhere where your efforts are apparently not appreciated? Let's think about this seriously. We've all had that job that it seemed like nothing went right, there was no support when you needed it, now let’s compound that with people screaming for your job before you've even played a game... Hello! Can we say hostile work environment?

Am I saying that Leach needs to be brought back or that he never should have been fired? That's a negative. I was leading the parade down Main Street when Leach got dismissed. However, the things that followed Leach's dismissal just showed the caliber of character you are dealing with, when you start to talk about Tech fans.

Let's start by just saying that Tech fans have changed the words to their own fight song. Something that is steeped in school tradition got changed. These are the same fans that boo the entire time a visiting school plays their school fight song, classy. These are also the same fans that were slowly and methodically ousting the Masked Rider and Raider Red for pirate paraphernalia brought on by the mad scientist himself. When Leach was dismissed one thing that was made very apparent to me and to the rest of the nation was this. Its not about the school, or the team, it is all about the coach.

With that said...

I'm going to let you in on a secret that isn't a secret, but anytime I bring this up people act like this is big news. First thing there are two things that speak to Chancellor Kent Hance, what can you bring to the university and how does this help us achieve Tier 1 status? Now keep this in mind. I read somewhere and I don't remember where I saw it, it was several years ago, but Tuberville brought more money into the school in something like 6 months than Leach did in his career at Tech. What did this lesson teach us boys and girls? It taught us that a coach with a name is important. And I do mean very important.

Now outside of actual monetary value of a coach with a name, let's look at some of the things that Tubs was able to bring to Tech. There was a highly ranked recruiting class, a highly ranked defense that suffered a lot of injuries ( a ranked defense at Tech was huge, it has never happened, always look to the bottom of the barrel to find Tech's defensive ranking), and Doege was talked about in a Heisman capacity. All of these things wouldn't have happened if we had been lead by the pirate master.

Let's face it, even though the Big 12 has the toughest schedule and is one of the most competitive conferences in the nation, its still a red headed step child. Not only that, Tubs was able to shift focus from the Big 12 media power house UT; things that no coach before him was able to do. Yeah OU would do it on occasion, but that was about the extent of it.

Now that Tubs has left everyone is wondering who Tech will bring in to coach. Well, there are a few things that need to be considered with this choice.

We need a coach that will unify the fan base... Good luck with that. I fully expect the next person to be welcomed in a similar fashion by fans. I then also expect when Tech goes another season with out a bowl game, that the new coach will be met with the same respect as every other coach that had bowl bid less seasons... I hope you sense the sarcasm.

So with the thought of unifying the fan base being the most important part of this new coaching job. Things have blown up with possible potential and the one name that keeps being uttered is that of former Academic All American, and Texas Tech Alum, Kliff Kingsbury.

I do want to throw out there that Kliff was the last Academic All American at Tech, until Cody Davis won the award... I appreciate smart men.

But after having a freshman that you coached win the Heisman in the SEC that no one expected you to perform well in... I will stand at the tallest point in Lubbock and lead the chants calling you a moron for accepting the job for more than one reason.

I won't even start on lack of experience... I will start with, are you going to seriously give up the opportunity to coach with a team that has a serious chance of winning a national championship? Are you going to give up the opportunity to coach a kid that won the Heisman his Freshman year, for the remainder of his career? Are you going to give up all these possibilities to take a HC position at a school in a conference that should be renamed the Longhorn conference?... Because Kliff let's face it, the only reason UT made it the the BCS when they did was politics and they are the Big 12 as far as anyone outside the Big 12 is concerned. Not only that Kliff you actually have a team that can run the spread offense properly, complete with ground game and all!

Briles would be an interesting choice, but between his very large buy out and the fact that he knows what he's getting into, I don't foresee that one getting legs and running for multiple reasons.

OSU's Todd Monken's name has also been mentioned, just going by previous seasons...hmmm.

Now one thing that all these men have in common is that they were/ are former OC's. Congrats, that isn't what wins a game. One thing that Tubs had that I loved and firmly believe that every HC should have is experience in defense. Offense does you no good unless you can stop the other team.

With all this said the new HC at Tech has a burden on his hands. So I am praying that our ranked recruiting class doesn't jump ship, which happens a lot when things like this happen, and they stay healthy next season.

But more importantly I hope that the fans that were calling for Tuberville's job from the get go, sit there and grin and bear it while we have a 3-9 season, with no bowl bids. You got what you wanted. No Tubs. Now that you've got it you have got to let a program build and you can either help be the corner stone or the termites that eat away at something that has the potential to be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

My final thought, Tech fans need to stand behind the university as a whole and not a team, player, coach or member of the staff. It takes a team to win and a team mentality. Tech fans sorely lack the mentality part.

Just my thoughts.

Why I Love College Football and Hate T-Shirt Fans

Now that college football season is about to be catapulted into bowl season I think that this will be a fairly relevant post. And guys who read this and think OMG a woman writing about sports... well... I'm just as capable of doing it as any of you are. That and it won't be that bad. Girl Scouts honor!

So this season I did what I have done for the last three seasons and cheered on my Alma mater, Texas Tech. I stated long ago, back when former coach Mike Leach was hired, that I would start watching Tech football again when he was gone. It actually got to the point where I thought I would be old and grey before this alumni member was going to be able to cheer on her team. I grew up in the area and watched Red Raider football, with the likes of Spike Dykes. But from the second that Leech was hired one I knew one thing. The Red Raiders lost a fan. I haven't been able to put my finger on why exactly, until now.

With Leach's sudden a glorious departure from Tech and his ability like all cockroaches to resurface in college football, this girl has enjoyed hearing what the PAC-12 sports heads are saying about him... It's that he's crazy! Citing conferences after losses that he didn't take any blame for the loss, but instead blamed the kids (who were following orders) and even lined up his defensive line men and offensive linemen and ushered them into a press conference to apologize for the loss. He has even suggested that he is only saying the things that he knows the press wants to hear... Ha!!! When did that stop him before? Oh yeah I forgot it didn't.

I digress, all this has proven to me one thing and one thing alone. The former "Mad Scientist" that use to coach at Texas Tech is one thing... Mad. Get this man a straight jacket, I think he's done.

After the time period of mad scientists and pirates at Texas Tech there is a new wave that is going to be ushered in . That is the time of a heritage team. People that don't pay attention think that this is something that happens over night, not exactly. Given the fact that Tech's most recent QB Seth Doege was a Leach recruit I do have to say that I was impressed with what Tubberville has been able to do with the kid. But this kid had the same problem every other Leach QB has had... The inability to perform in the clutch when it counts. Now I know that Doege did great things this year, I also know that Tech dealt with a lot of injuries this season, but when Doege's line fell apart so did he. Granted you have to give a QB time to throw, and you have to have the options and blah, blah, blah... We can talk all that we want, but a QB that likes to sit in the pocket way to long isn't the type of QB that Tubberville really needs... Just go back in the history books folks. Two words Cam Netwon, enough said. And don't get me started on Tech's iffy defense, we had a solid looking team early in the season.

Now let's move onto the coaching ills that seems to plague Texas Tech. I won't start with the wildcat... I think that the masses have had enough of that. Let's start with the trick plays that are meant to be played when you have no other options. Are they fun? Sure. Are they a crowd pleaser? I'll go for yes on this one too... However, why run them when you don't really need to? Seriously. I still have yet to find a logical reason for this one.

I get that the kids that you coach need to have some fun, and as a former athlete, I know that it makes things a lot easier as long as you do have fun. When it stops being fun that's when the game looses its passion and feeling.

Now with all of Tech's ills this season there were some great things that happened that haven't happened at Tech in a long time. We knocked out a Heisman trophy nominee early in the season, Geno Smith from West Virginia. Tech had a solid road record until we came up against K State. And Doege stats wise had it in spades over Klein in every way possible, but rushing. Something that well rounded QB's have to be able to do these days, the game is evolving and either you evolve with it or you get lost in the shuffle which happens to Tech more times than you think.Also this season, Doege was leading the nation in TD passes...Yes that's right nation. And Tech entered a game ranked and left it the same way... We were even highly ranked and got bumped up. We are once again bowl eligible and I'm waiting to hear about the bids that will be coming in. And more importantly and re-read this if you must... We finished with a better season than we did last season. Improvement, it takes a season at a time, and that is what we are doing.

Now to the last part of this title... the dreaded t-shirt fans.Another thing that Tech has in spades. I mean every team has them, but at least most of UT's t-shirt fans know all the proper words to the fight song.

One thing that I have found so disgusting this season, is that these are the fans that are making the noise and keep screaming for Tubberville's job. Leave the man alone already. There are things that he has done and I'm sure upset the people that joined the band wagon with the pirate/ mad scientist Mike Leach. Like exposing Leach's inability to recruit, his inability to produce a defense that could defend against more than a paper bag, let alone his lack of being able to produce any type of ground game. Things like SaDale Fosters 70+ yard run for a TD straight up the middle isn't born out of a passing game.

Tech has a great future ahead of it, as long as its fans don't get in the way.

And that's just this girls opinion.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Well, I am the same author of The Writers Block and Other Stuff for starters.

The new blog is because the other stuff became a lot of other stuff. So in an effort to refocus myself and my writing I am differentiating my blogs.

This blog is pretty much summed up in its name. I am a sports junkie and I am female.

My hope in this is to let women out there know its okay to be a sports junkie, and maybe help women that aren't that into a sport or sports.

And men maybe I will be able to let you in on what is going through the female mind during a game. And trust me when I say that its more than his butt looks good in those pants.

Now with that said I am going to repost things that I have already written so some of the intial content will be dated, but no worries. Baseball just started up and college football season is just around the corner.

I will also throw out there, that this is an opinion place. I am not here to report facts, if that is what you are looking for then you have stumbled upon the wrong place. Think of this more like the color commentary for the games. However, the stats and things I do post will be correct. Everything else is just opinion and isn't the view of anyone or any entity.

So enjoy!