Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twitter Is All Twitterpated

Yes... I've been on hiatus.... Kind of.

I had a birthday and let's face it boys, you men get to age gracefully and well the women in the world get to wonder when is old enough to start using that wrinkle cream your mother swore by. So I took some me time, did I enjoy things going on in the sports world? Of course; what good Sports Junkie wouldn't?

So I've made no bones about the fact that I haven't kept up with hockey this year and as far as the NBA is concerned... just don't get me started. However, I am saying this its mid June and we are still in playoff mode for both sports. I should be watching baseball without the interference of hockey playoffs or the NBA finals. Yet, here we are.

So I'm sure you are thinking that this blog will be about the baseball season and the fact that I'm not watching as many baseball games as I should be... Well, you might be disappointed.

This is actually going to be a blog about my first sports passion that I don't personally play... college football.

I know, it is no where near college football season, but when you start reading about college athletes that are suffering the drama of social media... well, you know that I have to have an opinion about it.

Let me create a scene for you. I work with men who are sports buffs, men that like to think they are sports buffs... Then there is that one guy who is what he is. This guy that I work with is a sports buff in every sense of the word. He keeps up with his sports, he detests hockey, but I will over look this one fatal flaw, given this guys impressive resume. He's a triathlete, and a former big stud pitcher... Like drafted for the Yankees type of stud.

I know the Yankees, but how many of you can say that you were drafted and then threw your arm out? I'm just saying that there aren't many of you who can actually say that you have similar credentials.

So this friend of mine sends me a text yesterday that said this, "Your boyfriend Johhny Manziel is a bigger duesch than I thought."... Uhm... okay?

At first I laughed, for multiple reasons that I can't get into. But mainly because I love how this former Texas Tech Red Raider still has such a disdain for a team that is no longer a rival or a worry in our conference. Then me being the sports junkie I am I get ribbed for watching Manziel closely last season, with good reason.

So after receiving that text I wonder what was going on and twitter has exploded yet again.

I'm really starting to despise twitter over all of the drama that this social media tool creates on a daily basis. Apparently Manziel posted a tweet that got deleted shortly after. I have two twitter accounts, my personal account and my personality account. Nothing goes on the personality account unless it has been carefully scrutinized... my personal account however anything is game, but I've got that account locked down and I only allow followers that I know... Like actually know, have seen and talked too.

So Manziel suffered some fall out all because he was probably having a rough day.

Here is my thing, seriously put yourself in this kids... Yes I said KID... shoes. He made a name for himself out of the starting gate last season. I was watching him, before A&M beat the Crimson Tide. There was a reason that Manziel was awarded the Heisman. I'm just saying.

So he accomplished something that has never been done before the Heisman is actually his as a freshman. But there is one thing that people forget this kid is 19- 20 tops. He is a kid. I'm sure the pressure is unbearable for him and hard for people to understand.

I watched on many occasions QB's suffer at the hands of other students... Thank you Texas Tech for a valuable lesson in college football social dynamics... It wears on them, heck it wore on me, so I couldn't imagine being the actual subject of critique.

Here is my thought on all of this... Back off the kid, let him do his thing and more importantly let him have a bad day. We ALL have bad days, I know we do. Instead of reading into every social media post that is made, take it with its grain of salt and move on. Super stars in any capacity have the same ups and downs that you and I do. We just don't get to have our downs in the middle of a national spot light.

So chill out...

Besides its not football season yet.

And that's this sports junkie's opinion.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

But I Liked The Old One

I know that I haven't written anything in awhile, given the things that have happened in the sports world. I had to take a brief sabbatical. I had some issues with my team...

It happens.

I was convinced that I need to watch the Rangers before the All Star game, it would be worth it... LIES!

I watched and then I watched a game where we intentionally walked two, loaded the bases and then proceeded to deliver up a home run. UGH!


So I stopped watching sports for a little while. Like I said; it happens.

But given new developments in my life and career I think that staying focused in the sports arena for awhile is probably the best idea right now.

So this morning I get on FB and there is a big announcement from my beloved Stars.

Yes... I didn't pay attention, because of the hockey lock out. As a fan I get frustrated. Just play already. Shortened seasons because you can't figure out your tamper tantrums is ridiculous. And I'll leave it at that.

I'm not sure what to make of the Stars announcement of the new logo and image overhaul of the branding through out the franchise.

I can't say that I dislike it... But I can't really say that I like it either.

And I'm not really sure to make of the green jersey...

Odd I know. You would think that this would all be up a woman's alley, oddly enough I think that I might have more of an opinion about them acquiring a new goalie to add to the line up, which strangely I am both proud and some what humored by.

I guess the real questions you have to ask is this. are you still going to watch? Yes.
Would you purchase the merch? If I can wear the green sure (oh, look a girl-ish answer).

I'm thinking that the new logo seems a bit redundant to me... almost like I've seen it somewhere else...hmmm.

When I first looked at the logo it seemed very reminiscent of the Anaheim revamp that they did with their logo.

But It could just be me and my analytical nature.

And that is this sports junkies opinion.