Friday, May 9, 2014

The Draft... (And Why I Kinda Don't Care)

Draft day is officially upon us and Round 1 is finished out, and I kept updates on my phone telling me what was going on, but I had no real desire to actually watch the draft. I am only concerned with two players and that's impressive most years I flat out just don't care about the draft. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have no actual desire to waste my time with the super stellar likes of the NFL.

Let me put it to you like this, the last time I actually watched the draft was when Vince Young decided to go up and the time before that Kliff Kingsbury. That should give you an idea of how much I really don't care. Needless to say the draft affects a teams performance... kinda.

So the two players that I was waiting for updates on were Manziel and Jace Amaro. I think that any team would be lucky to have either one of these guys on the team, but the combination of the two together gives me goose bumps...

Now while I know that the actuality of that happening is slim to none, I still think its a great thought.

But as we all know Manziel got drafted to the Browns. I had decided that whoever drafted Manziel was going to gain a viewer... then he got drafted to the Browns. I refuse to watch, for the sheer reason of I don't want to watch him get beaten to death, nor do I want to sit and watch a team that you know will come out with a lack luster and... well... I'll just say it sad season.

This is how conversations around my house go, "If you have to sit down and rank all the NFL teams in the country you can always put the Browns at the bottom and  you at least know that you got that one right."...

Yes, this was an actual conversation that went on in my house last night.

I will admit that I knew that Manziel was going to end up on a lack luster team. I however was really hoping for the Texans. They at least have some hope. The Browns and their fans have it continually beaten out of them. This whole lack luster team thing for excellent athletes has one small problem. Your risk of getting hurt goes up significantly, this is worse for QB's mainly because a lot of times these lack luster teams have lack luster lines that can't hold it together long enough to protect you.

How do I think he will perform? I can't say. Every season is a new season. Just because something went well last year doesn't mean it will go well again.

This is what I can say. Here is what still floors me about The Cowboys not drafting Manziel when they had the chance, this kid is guaranteed bank. Think of him like the Howard Stern of football. People might have hated Stern, but they still listened to him, just to see if they could find something to hate him over. Its the same way with Manziel. Love or hate the kid your going to watch.

Don't lie about it either. You hate him, your gonna watch him, just to watch how miserably Mr. Heisman fails. You like him your going to watch to see how he grows and pray that he doesn't get hurt. But none the less your all going to be watching.

Which is why I'm so floored that Jones didn't jump on Manziel the second he got the chance. Its no secret that Jones doesn't mind a subpar team with what many would argue is the leagues crappiest QB sitting at the wheel. Why? Because the team still makes money. And Romo's inability to pull off wins and being a seeming jinx for the team is still making headlines. And I believe that saying is bad publicity is better than no publicity. Correct me if I'm worng... The fact still remains that The Dallas Cowboys are still the 2nd largest merchandised team in the world behind only Manchester United. Which means that this team is makes lots of money and so does its owner and its not winning... anything. Which should tell you that its about money and the capability to make it.

So, what I will be watching is the figures and the gains that the Browns will be having in every way because of Manziel. For no other reason than I can sit there and laugh that brilliant football man Jerri Jones missed out on guaranteed money.

And anyone that starts in with the character BS, please let me stop you. The NFL is home to some of the world's greatest thugs, abusers, and rapists... among other things... and as of recently they can add murder suspect to the list. I think Manziel ragging on the team/school he plays for is a little junior league in the NFL. He's gonna have to really step up his game... I'm just saying.

I however am not predicting Manziel's stay with the Browns to be long standing. So no worries, I don't have to watch the pro's just yet.

So needless to say I will just have to continue watching college football. Darn the luck.

But this is all this sports junkies opinion.  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's That Odd Season

Right now is that weird time of year for this sports junkie. You know football is over, hockey is kinda boring, and baseball hasn't started yet.

So I'm filling the lull with my own for of torture....

Well, not really. I get up willingly for this form of torture. Everyday at 5:30 in the morning I am up and in a CrossFit class. Doing grueling, crazy things, that are producing some amazing things.

Well maybe grueling and crazy are a bit over exaggerated. I mean when did 40 sit-ups make a person want to fling themselves off a building because they were so sore? But in the right context and with the proper accompanying exercise, all of a sudden you are sore in places you weren't aware you could make sore.

Its crazy to think that I can spend between 20 and 35 minutes working out and it is making noticeable differences in me. And the best part is the workouts are never the same thing over and over. The constant changes in what your focusing on is actually helping you build your body faster.

I don't know how or why exactly it works... That's why I go to a certified box with a certified trainer.I pay him to know that stuff. ;-)

What I do know is that even though I'm not doing deadlifts everyday, anytime they come up in a workout I find that I'm able to have a little better control and take on more weight than last time.

Now am I claiming that CrossFit is a cure all or for everyone? No. I know that each person needs to work to their potential, and that is different for every person.

In fact there is lots of controversy that surrounds the sport. With people not thinking things all the way through, doing dangerous things, and just generically being stupid the stigma surrounding CrossFit is its great until you get hurt.

Then don't get me started about the questions and things that come up about women who do CrossFit. I know that this woman can outlift you, but do you have to attack her? Let's be adult about this.

Here's my thoughts on all of it.

CrossFit isn't dangerous... when you do it right. If you work up and you build your body like you need too. The heavy lifts aren't easy, but you won't injure yourself. Its a challenge, that once you take on a conquer you can't wait till the next one. If you don't want to listen to the trainers that you pay, and do stupid things then you kind of are asking to get hurt. You have to be smart about your fitness the same way you have to be smart about what you put in your body. You know, don't eat fried chicken everyday and expect 6 pack abs. If you don't work up to a 300 pound lift, don't expect for things to turn out well.

Now... women of CrossFit. Let me start off by saying we are a awesome breed of woman and anyone that thinks otherwise obviously doesn't get the full scope of how awesome we are. There is this huge debate over sexy as far as women are concerned. Want my view point? Of course you do.

I think sexy is healthy. Women who work to take care of their body and this means weight training of some sort... that is sexy. Now how you decide to handle the weight training that is up to you. As for me... I"m not minding the rock solid results that CrossFit is giving me. So I think I will stick with it.

So while we are waiting for baseball pant season... I mean baseball season to start up, get active and find what your new addiction might be.

I'm calling it an addiction, because it is.

Have fun junkies and be safe!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

College Football Season is Over

So the final game of the college football season was played last night and it didn't end the way I wanted it too. I know... everyone thinks that I am crazy to cheer on a SEC team.

But this Texas girl has learned to love her SEC teams, and let's face it... A lot of my preference has a lot to do with what I grew up watching and SEC ball was one of those things.

So this year there was a lot of controversy placed around FSU and their Heisman winning QB, Jameis Winston.

Early in the season it broke in the sports world that Winston was involved in a rape investigation. This wasn't like a recent investigation either. It was a case that had been open for investigation for a year. Okay that's not okay. While I know that there were no formal charges and there was no evidence backing the claim... and even I will admit that the leak had some odd timing this season, I will say that it made me stop and think about the type of people that are set up there as role models.

I mean this guy not only has a national title to his name, but he is a Heisman winner.

I do have to say this, Manziel might be taken as a d-bag for whatever reasons by people, but at least no one has accused the kid of rape.

In some cases I think that the accusation bothers me more than the actual confirmation of rape... Nix that. It all bothers me. But what really bothers me is that theses teams let these guys continue to play. If I was a team owner, ran a collegiate program, or anything in between. I would suspend the guys from play until the case closed. Period. If nothing else it might make them think about keeping it in their pants.

I digress and need to get off that soap box.

So Auburn showed up to play and leading up to the BCS last night everyone will admit that AU is a flukey team and they lucked into it this season. So I found some irony in the plays, and upsets that got pulled off by FSU. Auburn had done that several times this season. However, the overall game, was what the BCS is suppose to be, a close game that is anyone's game, up until the bitter end.

I will say that I have no ill feelings towards FSU for winning. They deserved that. They came up from a huge deficit and fought hard... AU just fought a little harder from the start... and for a large chunk of the game.

So I mention the irony to a colleague and he doesn't exactly get it... That's okay, he's a Yankee. So after I explain it he tosses out the worst thing I think I've ever heard, "Well, I guess now the SEC will have a new tri-fecta that they will look for in quarterbacks... Can they run, pass, and rape."...

Men that read this...

Please know that if you thought that was funny you need to check yourself. Its tasteless jokes like this that makes light of very serious situations, and make people think that its okay. Rape isn't funny. Period. Jokes about it are unwelcome. Not only that, it tells me a lot about you... You apparently don't respect women enough to not make the joke, because if you stopped and thought about that joke for one second and it being your wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt or anything in between. I bet you wouldn't approach the topic with such levity.

That and I know my fair share of SEC fans that would like to opportunity to straighten you out on what you seem to think is deemed as "acceptable behavior" now in their conference.

They are the Southern conference I'm just saying....

More digression...

I will say this that if that was the finale of this season I can't wait to see what 2014 comes in with, with an actual playoff system and the possibility of the SEC being totally knocked out of the BCS opportunity.

Good thing I've got baseball to tide me over till the next 254 days pass till the start of next football season.

And that's all this junkie's opinion.