Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Perception Is Reality

I know what you're thinking... There is something wrong with the title of this blog. Nope, folks its not a typo. I was gonna break down what happened this last weekend with Tech and football in general, but then I was given this nugget... A beautiful gem in this world that is going to let me explore the world outside of sports.

I am going to approach the topic of the nasty things that Jake Owen said about the coveted King at Texas Tech.

Now before I actually tackle what was said and the way that it has been approached, by the fan base and the media in Lubbock I would like to preface all of this.

You see the blonde chick in this photo, who is hugged up on Kliff, that's me, Miss Junkie... I have actually met and interviewed Kilff Kingsbury. He is a stellar guy. I have no doubt in my mind that Kliff is all about the team mentality. You succeed as a team you fail as a team. I knew this was the type of guy that Tech has been aching for as far as a coach goes, for about ten years or so.

And yes I know that time period includes that of the coveted Mike Leach era. I never liked Leach and I never mixed my words when it came to Leach. When Tech got rid of Leach they gained a student and a fan came home. I grew up watching Texas Tech and Spike Dykes. So I am the Scarlet and Black. Part of my disdain with Leach was the skewed focus that came along, stopped being about the team and started being about the "mad scientist". It was no longer abut Raider Red and the Red Raiders, but about a pirate mentality... ?... Never understood it, never liked it, so I fell out of love and stopped watching and supporting. That is no longer the case.

As this season started and phrases that started getting passed around like "quarterback whisperer" caused me to hope that for Kliffs sake we had a great season, but all the attention of the media and the nations watchful eye was on Lubbock from the get go.

And how could it not be with things like this being published in Sports Illustrated before the season even started. I know that Kliff had made a name for himself long before he came to Tech. All thanks to the stellar season and the Heisman that his young freshman protege Johnny Manziel added to his resume, but I can almost guarantee that Kingsbury looks at all that stuff as things that happened in the past. And past success doesn't always determine future success. His favorite quote, "Fortune favors the bold." That alone says a lot about the type of caliber of character you are dealing with when it comes to Coach Kingsbury.

I knew that Kliff was the type of coach that Tech was desperately in need of the morning that it hit local news that he was asking that his image be removed from merchandise.

These shirts hit store shelves almost two days after it was made official that Kingsbury was coming back to roost at Tech. Kingsbury asked that his image be removed from the merch for the simple reason that he wants it to remain about the team and not about him.

In this junkie's opinion that is an awesome move, but I hate to break it to you Kliff it won't ever really be about the team as a whole. I think that mentality is falling to the way side like old school manners. But I applaud you for stepping up on that one.

Now on to the things that inspired this blog...

First go watch what horrible, awful, terrible, no good, very bad thing happened this last weekend on ESPN's College Game Day.

Jake Owen was a guest on the show and they ask guests to make game day predictions.

Here's how the Tech OSU prediction came across....

Now after that one joking comment Red Raider Nation stood up in a total up roar.

Think the Dixie Chicks, after their President Bush comment in Europe type thing, but on a way smaller scale.

Now here is the thing. Jake Owen isn't a local to Lubbock, he's probably not even very aware of the things that lots of locals see on a daily basis when it comes to Kingsbury and his team.

I had a colleague walking around saying that perception sin't the reality of the situation. Which is true, but here is the question, what does the nation really perceive about Kingsbury? I mean really what do they think about the super young, good looking coach that is leading the Red Raiders this season?

Well, I mean with pieces like this what can the nation think?

Here's the thing with all of this...

AND THIS IS TOTALLY MY OPINION... so haters peddle it elsewhere.

With things like the garbage above being peddled around the only person to really blame for Jake Owen's misinformed comment is the media department at Tech. Kingsbury has handlers that negotiate his press and so on. Whoever thought that it would be a brilliant idea to peddle the Kingsbury product this way, didn't think this one all the way through, on multiple levels. But I will go with the sheer fact (that is such a glaring example right now), that no one really takes a coach seriously when it is perceived, outside of the Red Raider Nation area of Lubbock, that this guy is just in it for the fame and has some what turned into a sex object.

Now I know better, anybody that really knows the team, the area, and the type of person Kingsbury is, knows that this idea is way off base.

But to a nation that doesn't get to see what Red Raider Nation is privied to, you have to admit that they are misinformed on multiple levels. I blame his media handlers for this, and it came around to bite them in the backside... Because unfortunately Owen's prediction was spot on, but not for the reason that Kliff spends to much time in front of the mirror. Tech neglected to show up to their home game and our being a second half team status is catching up to us in murders row at the end of the season. Like I figured it would.

And if your reading this thinking that I'm off base and that Jake Owen is a total narrow minded jerk and you will never listen to his music again. You might want to hear what Kliff has to say about the comments that were made on Saturday.

Kliff Notes 11/4

If you didn't watch the video, here's the break down he laughed it off. Said that's what you do on shows like that, and that he still really likes the guys music.

To me Kingsbury is writing it off as nothing more than a jokingly made comment, which I am sure is the way that it was totally intended.

So before you start talking about ignorance, and name calling... I think that is what has really gotten me about this ordeal is the name calling... Stop and think about what the nation as a whole is being fed from our end. When you look at things like a nationally trending twitter hashtag (#mycoachishotterthanyourcoach), to the cover of SI, and nationally syndicated shows, like E! News, the wrong perception is being presented.

Because as much as I love the crew at KCBD, they aren't syndicated on a nightly basis. Which I think is shameful, they're awesome!

So while perception isn't exactly reality, what people are lead to believe and what they think is right is what they are going to believe.... And that is their perception of reality.

Just some food for thought from this weekend.

And that is all this Junkies opinion.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silly Girl

So variations of the photo above are circulating all over Red Raider Land. Hey, its where I work and where I play.

This post, along with the fact that save second base weekend was a couple of weekends ago and teams were rolling out special things for breast cancer awareness, it made this girl stop and think.

Has college football become a fashion show?

I uttered these words around a bunch of male colleagues and you would have thought that I would have drop kicked an infant across the room the way they were arguing and whining about it.

This is my point with the whole thing. I think somewhere along the lines the view got skewed, for the fans in particular. I've heard every weird argument in the book. From its used for recruiting, to well... I won't go there.

So let's look at this whole, we must have new pretty uniforms every week to recruit players thing. Call me old school, but I thought a coach with a name and the ability to produce a winning program was all you really needed to pull in players. I mean look at the house that Bear Bryant built in Alabama. I have then had the argument that the only reason they have top recruits is because they are the only school in the state. I have family in the deep south that argue otherwise. There are other schools, just schools that don't have programs like the machine at Alabama, and think about this, what if the machine got built somewhere else?... uh-oh I just got existential on ya. Be careful now.

I do have to say that I have a lot of respect for Alabama's program, because it produces, without fluff. It has in essence produced a winning program without a new costume change every time they take the field... yes I went there. At this point new uniforms including helmets every week is starting to wear thin on this junkie, and I consider it a costume change... Alabama has built a program on two jerseys and one helmet. It must be awful to have so much success that you can't have new uniforms every week.

I guess I'm getting fed up with the whole what do you think of this weeks new look question... I along with every female, which makes up over half of your viewing demo have some opinions on the Red Raiders new looks.

Let's start with the gray... I as Tech Alum, didn't receive the memo that our new colors were black and gray with touches of scarlet. In fact I believe it is the scarlet and black, I could be mistaken in the chants, songs and everything else where school color is mentioned. While I admit that the gray looks sharp, there is one thing that every woman in the world will agree on and it is the sweat factor. I do not need to visibly see from my seats in the stands that the 250+ lineman has a butt crack sweat issue. While I am as turned on as the next girl by a sweaty man that works hard I don't need to see it from a long distance, without visual assistance. Stop and think about that. I will tell you this there is a reason that you rarely have the option to purchase women's workout wear in gray, and you almost never see a woman actually wearing gray to the gym. There is a reason behind it, and smart men don't wear it in the gym either.

I'm not a superstitious sports fan so when I bring up the fact that I like seeing scarlet jerseys on our team, and your argument is that we never won in them, it is totally lost on me. Its not about the color of the jersey on your back, its about the team. Did they train, did they prepare, and is their mental game in order? Those things determine a game... not a "lucky jock strap".

Here's my thing...

I know that college football is a huge industry. The alumni donations alone after a big win is reason enough to win, its a money maker. But I as a fan don't care what the team is wearing, because a loss is a loss, no matter what your wearing.

I would rather focus on the game and the strategy of what's going on and not how "fierce" a new uniform looks for game day.

Side note: I think the uniform above would be more "fierce" if the uniform was solid black with that helmet. But I'm female what do I know about color coordination, or the perception of color. For example, black is actually a menacing color, i.e. nothing good happens in the dark of night. Red's are very impassioned colors, that is also used as a symbol strong for warriors. There is a reason that gray business suits are a dime a dozen. I'm just saying...

I have then had the back handed argument that we need to recruit players so that we can have a winning program... I'm not sure I want a player playing for my team who cares more about the way he's gonna look on the gridiron over all, than how he's gonna look when he fumbles the ball.

I guess my argument is this simple, produce the program, then play dress up if you want.

I did have one loving and generous (tongue and cheek) friend point out that we were in a worse position last season under Tuberville and the team just gave up. He wants to know what I think happened. What this has to do with the fact that I think this new uniform every week thing is beyond ridiculous, I don't know.

I will first point out that we are ending our season taking on murders row. Season isn't over yet. Tech can still ... I'll say Tech up the season. I hope they don't for no other reason than Kingsbury's sake. I like the guy and I would like to see him build a program at Tech that makes every fan go Mike who?

As for last season I blame the fans for that give up. Having played organized sports, I know that when the fans are disgruntled with anything you do, at a point you wonder why do it. The fact that fans hated Tubberville and wanted his job win or lose, I would have given up too. And you can't tell me that these kids don't read it, see it, and hear it. I went to college on that campus I know how it is and how many people think that it is okay to air their opinion about everything. I'll never forget Potts having to go to classes in disguise after a loss. You thought grade school was tough, be an athlete in a football king state, in college.

Unfortunately there is an infant loop on the uniform argument, but none the less I think its ridiculous and I think that vision has gone a little wonky.

I just found it funny how many men started defending the gray when I said I didn't like it. I never knew I had so many divas in my presence.

But that's all this just junkies opinion.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 9: I Can't Believe It Happened

So last weekend was the weekend that I professed my love for college football and that I love weekends filled with upsets, and amazing changes in the polls.

This weekend I was disgusted and couldn't stand to watch another game.

Yes, the same girl who watched for 12 solid hours the weekend before... Turned off football and said, "Sorry I have a headache."

Yup I just went there.

So this weekend Texas Tech walked into Norman with a perfect winning streak and they unfortunately didn't walk away with one.

Tech was leading the Big 12 with a perfect overall season and because of some absolutely disgusting and sloppy plays Tech suffered a loss. It was like I was saying all week leading up to it, Tech is going to have to bring their best game. I wasn't sure the team caught the bus... Well, there early on I was afraid that the offense got left in Lubbock.

What was terrible was the fact that Tech's defense got so run ragged and I think mentally beaten down early on. Webb was making mistakes that couldn't be made and then Tech wasn't able to convert when we needed to, so our defense got to see lots of field time early on. Which could have been a good thing, except I think at some point that the defense threw their hands in the air and said, what's the point? The offense isn't doing their job. So by the time we really needed the defense to step up they were too tired to do anything.

Not only that this game is a prime example of us being a late start team catching up to us. I knew it would, the question was how lucky was Tech going to get for how long. Tech can't afford late starts for the rest of the season. It has officially caught up to us and we need to fix it.

I could continue to harp about the huge hole that our defense seems to neglect to close... Come on ladies cross your legs, let's not let everyone in our business.... But I've been beating that horse from the start of the season.

One thing that I still have yet to understand the strategic gain for leaving in a player that isn't performing.

Maybe I need the men in my life to explain this to me.

I was an athlete in high school and I remember that no one was above being pulled, for not performing. My uncle was a high school varsity basketball coach (one of the winningest coaches in the state) and he would pull his own kids when they didn't perform up to standard. So I'm not understanding why when Webb couldn't make the plays, and was obviously rattled; why Kingsbury didn't pull him.

Things I guess the tata's don't understand, but you can't tell me that you weren't thinking it yourself.

None the less I got so disgusted with that game I couldn't watch anymore football after that. So instead I turned on movies this weekend.

The real problem I had with this loss was we shouldn't have lost. I won't even talk about the fact that I don't think OU's Bell probably was able to work up his best game this season for Tech. That kid was playing so far above his head it was ridiculous, and Tech couldn't make the connections, it was almost the perfect comedy of errors.

Now here's going to be the kicker for Tech. Are they going to take this loss learn from it and build to have a better game next go around, or are we going to in typical Tech fashion, roll over and die for the rest of the season and prove to everyone that Tech is a flash in the pan team?

So I will continue to watch and cheer, but Tech you've got to prove to yourself, before you can prove to the rest of the country, that you are better than people think. And it all starts when you take the field and it all starts with your mental game. Its there or its not. And this past weekend it wasn't there.

So the question this week is, will you mentally be prepared to handle what ever OSU brings? I'm not sure. We shall see...

But that is all just this sports junkies opinion.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 8: The Week of Upsets

Well, another fun filled weekend of college football has passed us by and the BCS standings are officially out. I love weekends like this. This is one of those weekends that I was so giddy about what was going on that I almost couldn't stand myself.

For those of you that missed it six of the top ten teams in the nation suffered upsets against opponents. If it hadn't been for the battle at Death Valley and Auburn cracking the Top 25 last week they would have all been unranked teams causing the upsets.

I love college football anything can happen!

Let's take a look at what happened this week. In a nut shell the football gods decided to toss the tables and see what happened... I blame the pink.

It was breast cancer awareness weekend around the NCAA, so pink was everywhere. I jokingly texted friends that pink seems to zap the powers of these otherwise great teams. Do I have the stats to justify what I am implying... Not really, but none the less I'm sure it is distracting to hormonal men on the field.

Follow me for a second...

Pink is used to remember to save the tatas... Society has now trained us that pink means boobs. What distracts most red blooded men in this country?... I will say that when I wear a low cut shirt its my cleavage. So how could we not expect the guys, boys, man-children, what ever you like to call them, not be distracted by the one thing that the NCAA wanted at the forefronts of everyone's mind? Saving second base. Heck it became so laughable, I even gave out an award for who wore "save second base the best"... The award went to Oregon. They went neon pink and managed a great win.I guess neon pink is more masculine than some of the other pinks that were being worn.

I digress...

So lets look at some of the big upsets of the week. There was the Louisville game... Meh. Then there was the A&M game. This was a big loss for A&M, because it dropped them out of the top 10 rather handily. Which is justified, not sure that where they landed is where they should be, but what do I know? I'm just a silly girl. I did get to watch the A&M game and I knew that if A&M walked away with the win that were gonna have to fight for it, because Auburn came to play and they came to win.

On a side note, be sure to catch Auburn and Freshman receiver Marshall... I'm just saying, they are making some interesting waves. And if you think that Auburn hasn't produced anything of worth in decades, or what not... two words Cam Newton.

So A&M hobbled off the field with a loss and an injured shoulder for Manziel, but if A&M wants to keep up their defensive line is going to have to show up for every play at every game. The O-line was solid, giving Manziel time to look for the options. And I will say that Manziel is gonna have to stop with the interceptions... It's getting a little old shug, you're better than that. Now do I think that Manziel is out of the hunt for the Heisman. This year it is quiet possible, unless there are a couple of teams that can sneak up the machine of the SEC, which I don't foresee happening, but this is college football. Anything can happen.

Now on to the Tech game. I know... Its where I work, where I play, and on occasion a place that I admit that I got my degree from.

So Tech is 7-0 and is sitting at the top of the Big 12 so far this season. Behind us is Baylor and then Texas as far as the conference goes. Which I find really funny given the way everyone was positioned at the beginning of the season. Heck the team that was positioned to finish 7th overall in the Big 12 is the only team with a 7-0 season. I know that Baylor also hasn't lost, but we're a game up on them at this point. Things can change during Tech's bye week later this season.

There were a couple of things that went on during this game that I think need to be addressed on a coaching and player level. This is the second game this season that a players in ability to tuck has cost us. Earlier this season it was a ball that was just randomly dropped at the half yard line, by a receiver. No one around, just decided to drop the ball after he had taken it out of its tucked position. This week it looked like a sloppy and loose tuck by the QB, Webb, that was fumbled and recovered, by well, not us. These are the types of things that will kill Tech in the upcoming weekend against OU. Let's face facts there have been plenty of seasons where on the boards we should have beaten OU, but didn't because we didn't monopolize on the opportunities that were given to us in the same degree of effectiveness that OU did.

So what needs to be re-thought you ask?

On the coaches end, the sloppy carries and the dropped things in practice. I've had a colleague running around saying, "Perfect practice makes perfect execution." This is true.

Back in the days when I was playing competitive sports I remember, going through drills that made everything muscle memory. Our coach wanted us to just have it ingrained, period. So in practice, you slack off you would hear the words, "Do it again, and do it right."... For Tech this should mean that in practice the coaches should be looking for the loose carries and yelling, "Do it again." When they are doing drills. They should also be watching for when the receivers pull the ball out of their carry when they near the end zone. It should stay put until they cross that line, period. I hope this week at practice the team gets tired of hearing the words, "Again." And that it shows in the upcoming game. Its a partial coaching error to allow for the slack... Slack can mean sloppy and sloppy is the difference between a win and a loss. Besides there is a reason that I call Alabama the machine. They are in every aspect. No slack, they expect perfection and they execute it.

Now Tech did do somethings right. Like our time to answer mistakes that window is slowly closing. We aren't exactly to next play answers yet, but it is taking less than a quarter. That's improvement. Webb is getting better at reading his options. I don't like that he keeps using his safety blanket as much as he does, but to that extent Amaro is putting up nice numbers.

So with all that said, where do I stand on the Tech OU game coming up?

I am going with Tech for the win. And yes I have looked at the fact that we are playing in Norman. I'm not gonna say its gonna be a big win, or even a pretty win. I'm thinking that this will be as ugly as the TCU win, if not uglier. Here's the things that Tech is gonna need to win. The defense needs to show up, and put lots of pressure on Bell early on. He will make plenty of mistakes on his own as long as we rattle his cage early and often. Let's create opportunity and not just take the opportunities that we happen to be handed.

The second half team bs has got to stop... This is one of those typical Tech patterns that we keep falling into. Doesn't matter the team, the year, or the coach. Its Tech's trademark at this point I think. Late starting will catch up to you at some point. We don't need it to catch up to us now, or when we play Baylor.

The O-line needs to show up before halftime and we have to diversify our receivers... I know that Amaro is a nice big target, but look for the options. We've got them so let's use them.

And lastly this is the game where you see what type of ground game we have. OU is notorious for covering the passing routes... Let's change it up Tech! Instead of falling on that sword use the great run game that we have and work it. I would bet that OU can't keep up.

And lastly we can't go in thinking that we have this won. The thing about being on the top of the conference is that everyone wants to topple the king. We need to play this game like we are 0-7, and prove everyone wrong, because no one is expecting us to win. That is what will win this game, before you even step foot on the field.

And I'll be praying for a decent referee staff... but we haven't been able to buy one of those even if we tried.

But that is all just this sports junkies opinion.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 3 Recap

Okay before anyone gripes about the U of H uniform in the background, let me say I know, I know, I know... However, ladies take a moment and enjoy the view. Like I said there is never a bad game when you are a woman we can enjoy things about sports that men just can't. Celebrate that uniqueness. Which if you are a Texas Tech fan that would have been useful attribute, on Thursday, which I will get to in a moment, but first enjoy the photo a little more. Enjoy it like I did the fact that I have family members who think that I could score a man like Kingsbury. Not sure what that says about me or him. Oh well....

Alright, guys now here is the stuff that you want... Miss Junkie's opinion on the great games over the weekend. Cause I'm sure you all value what the tata's have to say about the super masculine sport. Lol!

Let's start out with the early game this week, Texas Tech took on TCU on Thursday with all eyes on the nation on us... Well, we were the only game on it stands to reason.

Let me start out by saying that this particular game, because both teams were working on a short week, ended up being the winner actually sucked less than the other guys.

Both teams had Saturday games and then had to turn around and play Thursday night. And Kliff said it the week before that it will come down to who handles the short week better... or in this case who sucked less.

The Tech TCU game was the ugliest Texas Tech win I have ever seen, but there are still some things that happened and were exposed... Well... to others.

So one thing that is going to be and issue and has been for Tech is size. On the line, off the line, in general Tech has been a small team for a long time. Which is usual talking fodder for the talking heads, but there was a clear cut reason that there is a difference between Mayfield and Webb and a lot of it has to do with sight down field. If you can't see down the field you can't make the plays. So being as big as the line is important and why guys like Vince Young were dynamo's.

There were stupid mistakes on both teams, but the one thing that remains the same is that Tech's defense has got to close that hole in the middle. Thank you Boykin! I should have been making money on bets. One thing that Boykin does and does well is run... He's not really a QB, so if the defense gives him a hole to run, run he shall, and run he did.

Now to look at the Offense. Tech I loved that you have such a deep and diverse receiving pool. Why didn't you use it the way you have in games past? At certain points I was pretty sure that Mayfield was connecting with Amaro just because he is the only guy that Mayfield could see over the line.

And lastly I have to pose a few questions about Mayfield himself. He's young, he's a walk on freshman and everyone is watching to see if Kingsbury has that "touch" when it comes to QB's... However... Oh you knew it was coming... However, Mayfield when you get tired your age and inexperience hangs out, bad. If a fan in the stands can see it, I guarantee you that a guy on the D line can smell it and they will be coming for you. So get that tucked back in, thanks.

Now here is the real question, with Mayfield how good is his mental game? I mean if he is having a hard time fighting through the fatigue mentally, how well can he fight the mental game when the Red Raiders are going to have to fight to come back from behind? Are we gonna see a team like that of A&M on Saturday, or are we gonna see the usual roll over and die Tech? Things that only time can answer.

And I'm not even gonna touch on the more painful parts of the game that include the referees, a dropped carry at the half yard line, because someone decided to celebrate sooner than he should have... And then there was a fox...

Speaking of foxes...

Mild side note: Kliff thank you for taking the plays out of the front of your pants, way less distracting, and the way I hear it... Most women want to reach down your pants anyway... But its not for your plays (yes, I went there)

On to the one game I couldn't wait to see all season and didn't have to wait long for the A&M Bama rematch.

Let me first say that I picked Bama for the win, but I was thinking that it would be more of a repeat of the Bama LSU game a few years ago where it all came down to who had the better kicker. I will say that this game did expose the machine. There are some flaws there Bama, and Saban knows it. I'm pretty sure that Saban knows they got lucky.

The arguments in the office are the difference of interceptions. I think those were good things for A&M, for no other reason than to remind Manziel that he isn't completely untouchable. However, there was no humiliating defeat that the nation was waiting for... Which I still don't understand why people seek so much pleasure in watching the failure of others?... But that is beside the point.

One thing that I did enjoy watching was A&M dig deep and close the gap. I then enjoyed watching Saban give the cue to kill as much clock as possible, so that Bama could walk away with the win. Now the men are talking about a no interception game would have gone the other way totally... Maybe.

I like talking about just a one interception game... That would have been a barn burner for sure and is why I love watching this sport. Cause let's face it the machine that is Alabama only needs one small thing to go right to act as a catalyst.

The Heisman talk that is surrounding Manziel I think is spot on, in order for him to repeat, A&M will have to be in the hunt for the SEC Championship... So with that thought I'm hoping that the team that comes up and surprises Alabama is Georgia, and they very well might. Its still early and as we all know injuries change seasons in a split second. So I will keep watching like the ultimate fan I am.

And congratulations to Ole Miss for beating UT... Maybe Brown will hang it up and UT will get rid of their network, but I doubt it....

And that is just this junkie's opinion.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 2 Recap

Like I said, no such thing as a bad game for a woman. Did anyone else noticed the looks of the Stephen F Austin QB? I'm telling ya... yummy. 

Okay now that I have that out of the way let's take a look back at the weekend. Nothing earth shattering happened, mainly because its week 2 and nearly every game was a non conference game, there weren't any super huge upsets.

On a side note congratulations to BYU on their win over Texas. Following the rabbit trail Texas its time to call time of death on Mack Brown's career he has served you long and well, but there needs to be some fresh blood in there and shake some things up... And I know that I will be hated for this statement, but I felt this way last year and that hasn't changed. Mack it was a good run, now its time to hang up you clipboard and retire.

So week 2 at Texas Tech wasn't a surprise to anyone. Tech stomped SFA. Now I will say this Tech looked solid and they looked tight.

Now with that said, don't get your hopes up Red Raiders. There were still some flaws that Tech should have taken the chance to work through, but didn't.

Welcome back Air Raid Offense, how I missed you so... Not. 

I will hand it to Mayfield kid has an arm and he's good, but here is my problem. Instead of letting the QB rest his arm some and run their ground game Tech thought it would be a good idea to push the QB, for a non conference game with over shot and under shot passes that I'm sure happened all because the kid was tired.

I had someone say you can't really test a ground game against a team like SFA. Here's my question, how could you take a perfectly good opportunity to not run the ground game? Seems like short sighted coaching. Instead of working out kinks in game situations, so that we know what needs to happen when we come up against I don't know OU... Let's instead run up the numbers and let everyone else know what I could tell other teams in the Big 12.

In case you aren't following, let me give you the key to crippling Tech's Offense... and it happens every time. OU is notorious for this... cover the passing routes.  

Which in all honesty I'm sure they missed knowing going in what they had to defend against. I'm just saying.

Now here are a couple of things that Tech is doing right. Diversifying receivers. Never going the same place twice. Brilliant! Why hadn't I... Oh wait, I've been saying that for as long as I can remember. 

The other thing that Tech did right was Jakeem Grant. You need to watch this kid. He's not big, but he is fast and hard to catch. I expect him to put up some great numbers this year, but more importantly I expect him to make some great plays.

On a random side note, Kliff get the plays out of the front of your pants. Its highly distracting. There are a reasons coaches invest in clipboards... I'm just saying.

Like I said nothing super earth shattering, but none the less its just this sports junkies opinion. 

Next weekend A&M takes on Alabama, and I can't wait!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Your Female There's Never A Bad Football Game

So this weekend I of course did my homework over teams and even more importantly I took in some games. 

But while I was enjoying the game and very worried that all the Tech hype was gonna be turned into dismay... well... because let's face it, Tech fans are an odd breed. It was pointed out to me that the man in the above picture Tech's own Jordan Davis is a very good looking man. I looked and sure enough the female that pointed this out to me was right. This brought up a point to me that every female sports junkie in the world can attest too.

We never have to sit through a bad game. If our team is losing, no problem, find the cute guy that is doing well and cheer him on. Most men can't do this and every good woman knows that when her man's team loses its not exactly a happy day. So ladies, remember we never watch a bad game.

Now on to the important stuff the dissection of last weeks games.

I won't be overly harsh or critical, because it is week one, but there were some things that did stand out.

Let's start off with the Big 12... Well, because its where I work and play and it is one of the toughest conferences in the country. We play every conference team every season. And a lot of years there are a few heavy hitters in the conference. So starting off OSU is slated to be the Big 12 champions... I'm still not sure why, but hey, maybe the talking heads know some things that the tata's just don't. With that said I will be keeping a close eye on TCU.

Yes I said TCU. Look at the game that they chose to play right off the bat. Picking LSU as your first game for a non conference was risky to say the least. The injury factor alone is reason enough for me to question how worth it would be. But it did show me something that I'm sure will be over looked a lot. TCU fought... hard. Yeah they might have lost to LSU, but a 10 point loss to a team that should have put up bigger numbers says a lot. I think that TCU will be the dark horse of the Big 12 for multiple reasons. They started making waves last year, but couldn't stay healthy and keep up the momentum. I'm kind of crossing my fingers that, that won't be the case this season.

I already discussed Tech and Kingsbury's supposed "Heisman Touch" that people are watching for and no one is talking about here.

Now let's move into the SEC.

Of course Alabama is a machine. Do you expect any less? Not from a school that is about to be the first college football team in history to accomplish a possible three peat National Championship title.

Now if you believe the talking heads there might be a contender or two that could put a kink in that. Georgia being one of the teams. And the Georgia Clemson game was a bit of a barn burner. So these will be teams that you need to keep an eye on.

Now on to Manziel and A&M... I'm doing this only because I have friends that oddly think that I think that Manziel is a god send when it comes to football. I'm not gonna lie the kid is fun to watch, but if we keep seeing what we saw this last weekend. I think Manziel will be riding the pine pony.

For those of you that have been cave dwelling over the last couple of months you need to know that Manziel was investigated by the NCAA for signing merchandise and profiting from it... Okay...

Anyway the NCAA closed the case and slapped Manziel on the wrist with a half game penalty. So Manziel had to sit out the first half of the Rice game. Which was nice for a junkie like me. It gave me the opportunity to see how much depth the Aggies had as far as QB's go. The QB under Manziel, Joeckel, wasn't overly stunning. But this kid is smart, looks for the options, and was connecting well with his receivers. 

Now that's what I learned during the first half.

During the second half there were some things that showed up that Sumlin will have to get under control. His super star QB being on top of that list. Manziel mouthing and carrying on the way he did, just showed every team in the nation that it doesn't take a lot to get under this kids skin. And that Manziel doesn't have the leadership that he needs to create a cohesive team. 

Now I realize that the last half of the game was his first half of the season and I hope that Sumlin gets a hold of Manziel. I then hope that next week a very different team takes the field. I will be the first to admit that the team that I saw in the second half of the game this past weekend won't be able to beat Alabama. 

So those will be things to be watching for. 

I will be watching Cincinnati and Tommy Tubberville, because of the possibility that there might be an ACC team in it to win it this year. And I do have to send out a congrats to Auburn for their win over Washington State.

Until prediction time boys... watch game film and then come play along later this week. (hint, hint, wink, wink)

Until the weekend my junkies!  

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tech V. SMU... Meh...

I know that college football officially started Thursday, but I decided to pass on those games for a good reason. And at certain points I was wishing I had passed on the Tech game last night.

I know that I have told people that first game off the bat is a bad way to judge a team, wait till you come up against some one that is a real contender and see what happens.

Am I glad Tech won? Sure. I hated that after a touchdown SMU started rolling over and dying. Both literally and figuratively. 


With all that said, there were a few things that we learned about the Red Raiders and the Big 12 conference as a whole. Which is why I enjoy and really despise watching Big 12 football all at the same time. And just further proved that Johnny Manziel and A&M are the perfect love child of two very different, but when used properly, amazing forms of football that are unstoppable.

Let me start off by saying I know that a lot of eyes are on Kingsbury with Brewer being on the injured list and a true blue freshman walk on leading the Red Raiders in the charge. If you tell me that you aren't watching to see what Kliff does with this kid, to see if he has "the Heisman Touch", I will call you a liar to your face, cause lets face it, this is a familiar situation for Kliff... And if I'm correct the situation didn't turn out too badly.

Watching Mayfield was interesting last night. Initially I was very worried that this was a typical Big 12/ Texas Tech/ Pass Play Offense mistake that always gets made... No depth, none. It happens all the time. Let's hang our hat on this kid and pray to the great football gods above that he doesn't get hurt. 

Well, never mind then... The football gods have spoken. As soon as Brewer was injured in practice.

So Mayfield was initially lacking what many young QB's were lacking and SMU's Gilbert even had a hard time with this one. One thing that poses as a problem for QB's with no sight is the fact that they don't see the holes.

However, Gilbert got his field sight before Mayfield did and exposed a huge defensive weakness for Tech when he scored a touchdown right up the middle. Some adjustments are made, but this huge flaw is gonna kill Tech if we come up against any decently mobile QB, heck SMU scored a TD that they shouldn't have. I think Tech should seriously be considering something to defend against a ground game of sorts.

Now I will say on the plus side it was great to see Mayfield start connecting with receivers and starting to move the ball. Which makes me hopeful for a solid season coming from Mayfield. 

But based on last nights game there is nothing earth shattering about Tech this season. Its just good ole Tech at this point, but I will keep watching to see what happens.

And that is this sports junkie's opinion.    

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 1

Woohoo! College football season is officially upon us my brothers! It is time for us to indulge in all the greatness and glory that consists of the college gridiron!


Maybe I got a little carried away, but none the less this is the time of year that I live for. In my last post I said that I would be presenting my team picks along with the great female logic that goes along with it. If I pick a team based solely on team color and QB cuteness factors I will say so.


This week is what I like to call my bye week on game calling.

Its the first week of the season come on! I'll watch and see what happens this week so that I can start making informed decisions the following week, besides the good stuff doesn't happen till mid season. And let's face it the first games of every season are pretty much gimme games with some rare exceptions.

So college football junkies kick back, watch, and take some notes. They might pay off in the end.

On a quick side note...

Who thought that Manziel wouldn't be sitting out during the important part of the season?... Oh yeah this girl. Manziel's slap on the wrist is sitting out half of the Rice game.... the Rice game!

To my friends who still think I know nothing...

The Tata's-1
You- 0

Enjoy the first weekend folks. We will reconvene afterwards.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Live the Female Sports Junkie

Funny, thought provoking, and oh so very true. This also offers a great start to my most recent bout with being female and a sports junkie.

Last week I was riveted with a profound (not really) revelation provided by my higher ups at work.

Some back story...

The great thing about my job is that if something doesn't work you have to fix it. No if's, and's, or but's about it. So when we got some news that told certain people that something about their performance needed to be changed, we all sat and started looking at what needed to be changed as a whole and then at their level as well.

Here is one thing that I love about media in general. I love that you have to constantly be up on trend, its hard and frustrating, but it keeps me on my toes and causes me to keep learning, which I don't mind at all. Which is also a reason that I love sports so much.

In a profession where I have to constantly change and evolve the way I'm reaching an audience I love that there is something out there that remains so unchanged (almost) that nearly everyone can relate to it. I like to think of sports as the great equalizer. Are their varying degrees of sports junkies? Of course. But it all starts with a passion for a sport, its that simple.

Now I have been told by more than one person (men mostly) that I am not a "normal" girl, when it comes to sports. I however am that awesome girl that you want to take to a game and hang out with (woohoo! Hello Friend Zone, I've missed you). But the fact of the matter is this I'm not the usual girl, and I know that, but I still feel that I can relate to women. My main reason for this argument is that I still posses a pair of bodacious tata's. I think that kind of gives me a edge on the whole relating to women thing.

Here is my case in point... This change that I think needs to happen is that we need to bring on more information when it comes to sports. I don't care about the funny little kitschy things you do unless you can provide me with the things I want, which are stats, and real tangible information. I have limited viewing time on Saturdays during college football season and I need to take advantage of every second of it.

Now with that said I'm the abnormality.... Or so I'm told. I've also been told this is why my guy friend like to argue sports with me, because I know what I'm talking about.

But that is neither here nor there.

My colleague who agrees with me tossed the suggestion of putting some real sports info out there for the audience and she was completely dismissed, because she "isn't the norm"... I get it, but let's face it in a college town where football is king, everyone has a working knowledge of the team and the sport that goes beyond who has a the better looking tight end in their football pants (catch that play on words). What cracked me up was the fact that my higher up said that his wife could care less about all of that stuff... I literally laughed, because in my part of the country a woman who doesn't care about sports, football in particular needs to turn in her Southern woman card. And probably her Texan card now that I think about it.

I consider my self a Southerner second and a Texan first. I have all the allures of a Southern woman, with the drawl, independent nature and a couple of other key Texan only things.

But what got me is this, I found it, almost ignorant to think that women don't care about the biggest social events of the season. Let's face it, on the most basic level, football is a great reason for women of the south to get dressed up and have some fun with friends. Tailgating and football games are the ultimate social scene in the south. Period. End of story. Choosing what you wear to a football game can be a more daunting task than finding a dress for a black tie event.

But what do I know? I'm just a woman... Heaven help us!

What I do know is that I love watching stunned men, when myself and another woman start to weigh in on games and what we think seasons are shaping up to look like for more than one team... Yes, smart women are well versed on the important teams, their standings and the players to watch.

Actually what is better is the ridiculous look that men get on their face when myself and another woman start talking sports all by our lonesome, no prompting from a man. Actually some of my better sports debates have come at the hands of another female.

But what do I know about what women want?... I guess nothing (yes, I'm being sarcastic).

What I do know is that according to recent surveys and statistics is this almost half of the viewing audience for large scale viewing opportunities when it comes to sports are women.

Here are a couple of articles (older yes, but I'm sure the stats have just grown):
The Sports Women Watch According To Forbes
TV by the Numbers

*Just a quick note on the Forbes article, you know these guys are all about knowing what certain demographics are watching. Its a business magazine that is created with the purpose to give business men/ women the capacity to reach their target demographics to sell their goods and services. They put out the money for the research.

Men that read this, which I'm sure are few and far between, do me a favor and don't dismiss women's opinions on sports. We have spent time educating ourselves on the sports, and the teams that we love, and more than likely your teams too. And men if you are some of the lucky ones that have the type of women that you know can help you out (and probably have) with your fantasy teams, make sure she knows that you appreciate her "abnormality"...

Point is gentlemen, if you have one of the rare breeds of women that understands what the last 5 minutes of a football game really looks like, or knows the difference between a first down and a touch down, count your lucky stars; cause that woman was brought up right. And you need to make sure that this well educated woman that has graced your life needs to be respected in the same way that you respect her.

On a minor side note, this season I will not be standing on sidelines, so that means this sports junkie is gonna have weekly picks and follow ups all season long.

Lock in for a fun and wild ride this season ladies... and gentlemen.

The countdown to college football kickoff is on!

Long live the female sports junkie!

And that's just this sports junkies opinion.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

That's What Friends Are For

So after a very long week and an even shorter weekend I spent a small chunk of my Sunday afternoon reading the latest headlines about Johnny Manziel.

Yes, I'm sure you all have heard that he is being investigated by the NCAA for profiteering. I have a few qualms with this.

So Manziel has done some stupid kid in college things. Let's face it, which one of us didn't when we were at that age in our life. That's the thing about young athlete's they are young. And I've heard it all from people before, "Well, I would think that he would be responsible enough to understand the responsibility he has..." blah, blah, blah. There is a point to all of it.

Think about it like this...

Look at your life. I will use mine as an example, because well its my blog. I spent the roughest 50+ hours dealing with total crap last week. Now I like to think that I handle myself on a great professional level, but there are times that I need to blow off some steam and unlike Manziel I didn't have someone taking time stamped photo's of the fact that I finished off a Texas tea in less than 5 minutes to post everywhere. So that the allegations that I'm a lush, or and alcoholic or anything in between could begin.

Now am I saying Manziel is a victim? No. Do I think his decisions are a little short sighted? Yes... But then again what man doesn't make super short sighted decisions (Sorry, female I had too, you know I did)?

Now the real problem I have with all of this is the fact that this is such a huge headline. Manziel isn't the first and he certainly won't be the last that the NCAA is going to get nailed for profiteering. However, I'm somewhat insulted by the fact that the NCAA looks into such matters so heavily and it is everywhere. I wonder if Manziel wasn't the first Freshman to win the Heisman, if that would make any difference. I think it would. So many people think that he didn't deserve it, but when it came down to it, the votes that mattered thought that he did. I do think that he is falling under extra careful watch, because of that, and I think that people are actually gunning for this kid to fail. Which says a lot about our society and how wrapped up we can get in a game.

And for the record I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just as guilty as everyone else. But I guess my dad did the right thing when he was introducing me to the world of sports. Don't hate someone else's accomplishment. If they are a rival. Learn from them, and strive to be better. If they are on your team, be proud and work to be on their level. If your just a spectator, celebrate then watch to see how far they are willing to take it, whether they are on your team or not.

Now I do know that Manziel is gonna have to be careful with his team bashing and such, when his team turns on him, he'll be done, and everyone knows it.

However, this is a mild digression.

I hate this thing with Manziel for the reason that its profiteering... I remember something about some football players of a certain team being accused of raping a girl before a bowl game... I could be mistaken however. Since there wasn't huge media hype about it, I'm assuming it didn't happen. That however, ticks this girl off on a whole different level, that I won't get into.

But keep this in mind, when you hear that the NCAA is investigating something, colleges hate the NCAA and they do everything to keep the NCAA out of their hair if the allegations are true, because a NCAA shut down of a program can kill it. We've seen it happen. I mean there was a reason that Mike Leech got unceremoniously dismissed from Texas Tech. Tech didn't want the NCAA sniffing around, and the only reason that they did that is the NCAA only looks into things when they think it is worth wasting their time on, for example some high and mighty former has been NFL'er turned sports broadcaster, makes a call. Do I think that there is the possibility that there is some vengeance going on? There is the possibility (*cough, cough* Nick Saban *cough, cough*)

Sorry... I had to take the dig for my uncle. He's still in denial about that loss.

Here's my thing. Instead of cheering for the kids to screw up at life, which at this point I get the distinct feeling that many of you are doing. Kick back, let them be kids. Let the powers that be do their job and then enjoy what happens on the Gridiron. Because let's face it, no matter what happens off the field, Manziel still is the youngest Heisman Trophy recipient ever and he has crazy mad skills on the field, and that will not be changed. Will his conduct off the field make him a player with staying power or a flash in the pan. In my opinion this kid is good enough I hope that a coach gets a hold of him and keeps him from being a flash in the pan.

But that's just this sports junkies opinion.    

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twitter Is All Twitterpated

Yes... I've been on hiatus.... Kind of.

I had a birthday and let's face it boys, you men get to age gracefully and well the women in the world get to wonder when is old enough to start using that wrinkle cream your mother swore by. So I took some me time, did I enjoy things going on in the sports world? Of course; what good Sports Junkie wouldn't?

So I've made no bones about the fact that I haven't kept up with hockey this year and as far as the NBA is concerned... just don't get me started. However, I am saying this its mid June and we are still in playoff mode for both sports. I should be watching baseball without the interference of hockey playoffs or the NBA finals. Yet, here we are.

So I'm sure you are thinking that this blog will be about the baseball season and the fact that I'm not watching as many baseball games as I should be... Well, you might be disappointed.

This is actually going to be a blog about my first sports passion that I don't personally play... college football.

I know, it is no where near college football season, but when you start reading about college athletes that are suffering the drama of social media... well, you know that I have to have an opinion about it.

Let me create a scene for you. I work with men who are sports buffs, men that like to think they are sports buffs... Then there is that one guy who is what he is. This guy that I work with is a sports buff in every sense of the word. He keeps up with his sports, he detests hockey, but I will over look this one fatal flaw, given this guys impressive resume. He's a triathlete, and a former big stud pitcher... Like drafted for the Yankees type of stud.

I know the Yankees, but how many of you can say that you were drafted and then threw your arm out? I'm just saying that there aren't many of you who can actually say that you have similar credentials.

So this friend of mine sends me a text yesterday that said this, "Your boyfriend Johhny Manziel is a bigger duesch than I thought."... Uhm... okay?

At first I laughed, for multiple reasons that I can't get into. But mainly because I love how this former Texas Tech Red Raider still has such a disdain for a team that is no longer a rival or a worry in our conference. Then me being the sports junkie I am I get ribbed for watching Manziel closely last season, with good reason.

So after receiving that text I wonder what was going on and twitter has exploded yet again.

I'm really starting to despise twitter over all of the drama that this social media tool creates on a daily basis. Apparently Manziel posted a tweet that got deleted shortly after. I have two twitter accounts, my personal account and my personality account. Nothing goes on the personality account unless it has been carefully scrutinized... my personal account however anything is game, but I've got that account locked down and I only allow followers that I know... Like actually know, have seen and talked too.

So Manziel suffered some fall out all because he was probably having a rough day.

Here is my thing, seriously put yourself in this kids... Yes I said KID... shoes. He made a name for himself out of the starting gate last season. I was watching him, before A&M beat the Crimson Tide. There was a reason that Manziel was awarded the Heisman. I'm just saying.

So he accomplished something that has never been done before the Heisman is actually his as a freshman. But there is one thing that people forget this kid is 19- 20 tops. He is a kid. I'm sure the pressure is unbearable for him and hard for people to understand.

I watched on many occasions QB's suffer at the hands of other students... Thank you Texas Tech for a valuable lesson in college football social dynamics... It wears on them, heck it wore on me, so I couldn't imagine being the actual subject of critique.

Here is my thought on all of this... Back off the kid, let him do his thing and more importantly let him have a bad day. We ALL have bad days, I know we do. Instead of reading into every social media post that is made, take it with its grain of salt and move on. Super stars in any capacity have the same ups and downs that you and I do. We just don't get to have our downs in the middle of a national spot light.

So chill out...

Besides its not football season yet.

And that's this sports junkie's opinion.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

But I Liked The Old One

I know that I haven't written anything in awhile, given the things that have happened in the sports world. I had to take a brief sabbatical. I had some issues with my team...

It happens.

I was convinced that I need to watch the Rangers before the All Star game, it would be worth it... LIES!

I watched and then I watched a game where we intentionally walked two, loaded the bases and then proceeded to deliver up a home run. UGH!


So I stopped watching sports for a little while. Like I said; it happens.

But given new developments in my life and career I think that staying focused in the sports arena for awhile is probably the best idea right now.

So this morning I get on FB and there is a big announcement from my beloved Stars.

Yes... I didn't pay attention, because of the hockey lock out. As a fan I get frustrated. Just play already. Shortened seasons because you can't figure out your tamper tantrums is ridiculous. And I'll leave it at that.

I'm not sure what to make of the Stars announcement of the new logo and image overhaul of the branding through out the franchise.

I can't say that I dislike it... But I can't really say that I like it either.

And I'm not really sure to make of the green jersey...

Odd I know. You would think that this would all be up a woman's alley, oddly enough I think that I might have more of an opinion about them acquiring a new goalie to add to the line up, which strangely I am both proud and some what humored by.

I guess the real questions you have to ask is this. are you still going to watch? Yes.
Would you purchase the merch? If I can wear the green sure (oh, look a girl-ish answer).

I'm thinking that the new logo seems a bit redundant to me... almost like I've seen it somewhere else...hmmm.

When I first looked at the logo it seemed very reminiscent of the Anaheim revamp that they did with their logo.

But It could just be me and my analytical nature.

And that is this sports junkies opinion.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Marathons and Football

So this weekend Tech embraced a tradition that has been around since I think the dawn of the sport. The spring scrimmage. This was huge for Red Raiders this year, they had a record setting turn out and there were a couple of things that impressed me this year.

The week leading up to the spring game was madness in the world. This craziness even crossed over into the world of sports. The event that started the crazy week was a bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A huge marathon that is world renowned, was shaken by two bombs that went off at the finish line.

Heck the sports world was shaken...

All that bad news, terrorism, bombs, loss of life, ect... was being used in conjunction with a great sporting event.

This sports junkie was not happy.

I don't talk hard news for a reason its depressing.

So my favorite news world and my least favorite world collided, but despite all that I was reminded yet again why the world of sports amazes me on a daily basis.

The New York Yankees put aside their rivalry with Boston and played the one song that is played at every Boston home game. Yes the New York Yankees played Sweet Caroline to honor Boston. As did the rest of the MLB. All week long I heard reports of Sweet Caroline being played at ball parks around the country.

Then there was the disaster in West, Texas that seemingly took a back seat to the things that happened in Boston. Which I'm sure that the community of West was grateful for not having the media in the mix, but very grateful they were in the great state of Texas.

So after the bombing, the death of one bomber, the capture of another bomber, and the events that unfolded at West. The sports world paused to reflect.

At the spring scrimmage at Texas Tech, the band was going, the fans in the stands were cheering and then for one minute, everything in the stadium stopped. There wasn't a child crying, or a person talking. Things were totally silent and the only noise you could hear was the west Texas wind. It was so quiet that I got chills.

There was a level of love, honor and respect there for people that no one knew, but we all stopped for a moment to think of.

Just a little proof that no matter how far away something happens there is always a common thread that will tie Americans together.

And that is just this Sports Junkie's opinion.

I promise next go around it will actually be a fun post.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eyes On Boston

Of course I was going to have to say something about the tragic events in Boston. It was at a sports related event wasn't it?

So every year around this time, there is the Mecca of marathon races going on. 2,700 marathoners who have run marathons over the last year to get qualifying times, paid exorbitant dues, traveled, trained, and prepared for the 26.2 mile foot race known as the Boston Marathon.

I'm a runner, but by no means am I a marathoner. I kind of wish I was, but I'm just not built for it. I'm working towards it, but we shall see.

Let me just say that I have a respect for marathoners, especially those who run the Boston Marathon, for no other reason than you have to qualify to run in Boston. This is the elite of the elite. I was even proud to say that I knew a marathoner.

Then yesterday happened, this is something that every sports reporter, or sports person hates to see happen.

Locally there are a couple of morning show guys that I had bumped into off air and I asked them, during the whole stink with Penn State and Joe Pa, how they were "enjoying" covering that (very tongue and cheek of course). One of the men that I was talking too said that he hated it, because its sports, "were like the toy section in the news world."

I agree because things like what happened in Boston yesterday... never happen. Well, until it did.

As soon as I heard the news I was hunting for information on the runner that I knew would be running. I knew the pace that he was wanting to keep and that would have put him close to the area, if my calculations were correct. And I was. I found out last night that this runner was crossing the finish line when the bombs went off. He was hit in the shoulder by flying debris, but was okay.

Now as thankful as I am that the runner I knew was okay I had to stop and reflect on the events that had unfolded.

I came to a couple of conclusions. Let's start with the reason this was so horrific wasn't because it was on our soil. We've had way worse go on, and carried on. Now I'm not trying to lessen the tragic events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon by any means, but it made me wonder why this was such a over tragic even that justified hour long specials the same night.

Here's what I've come up with, sports in any fashion is a level playing field and allows people to come together in celebration who might not have come together other wise. What more perfect example than the Olympics? Every country comes together on one stage to compete for the gold and prove they are the best in the world. Nations are brought together on one stage in a peaceful competition. Nothing can upset a joining of nations or a joining of people like a bomb.

And was I the only person to notice that where the bombs went off initially was behind an area of the race where lots of flags from other countries were placed? That alone made a statement to me.

Then I was reminded that it was Tax Day yesterday, so it could have been any whackadoodle with an agenda.

The fact of the matter still remains this, people were shaken and that was the point, but remember that this is Boston. A city that has roots steeped deep in patriotism and the we can get back up mentality.

The Red Sox went on to win their game last night. Which I was glad to see, Boston needed a win in more way than one.

So this week runners, athletes, walkers, or anything in between, when you lace up your shoes, do it for the three lives that were lost in Boston and all those that were injured, both physically and mentally. And remember that there might be people who can no longer do what you can. Not because they made a bad decision, but because they did what they loved to do.

That's just this sports junkies opinion.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Excitement in the Most Boring Sport

This was a weekend for the record books...

Okay that might be a stretch, but I was definitely on the edge of my seat most of the weekend.

The Red Sox's were staring down the barrel of a no-hitter, which didn't happen. The Rangers had a tie in their series (eesh), and the Masters was on everyone's lips.

Yes, I said the Master's.

The most boring sport to watch known to man (in my opinion at least), was the sport that everyone was talking about for more than one reason.

Tiger Woods decided to kick things off with an illegal drop. Now when I first heard about this I went, it happens. Then when I realized that the drop gone awry was 5 to 6 feet from the original spot the ball was at. I at first was shocked, I mean come on Tiger you're a professional. Then I stopped and thought, maybe this isn't such a big surprise. Let's really stop and think about this, Tiger in the last year or so has decided to revamp his image to be the bad boy of the PGA world. So much so that when there was all that media attention on what Tiger supposedly did, didn't do, etc... The Masters asked themselves if they want to be associated with such a person. Now, I'm sure they are wondering what they had done. I guess it's a slippery slope once you start beating your wife and acting like a crazy person.

So the Masters decided to give Tiger a 2 stroke penalty. Which lots of people thought that he should be tossed from the tournament.

Let me insert here that I play golf and I played tournaments in high school. I was pretty good. One thing that I know about a 2 stroke penalty is this it can be the hardest thing to come back from. a 2 shot penalty is the difference between a birdie and a bogie.

Now at the amazing level that the athletes on the PGA circuit compete at a 2 stroke penalty can take you from the leader board to 10th in the blink of an eye. With that said, Tiger finished 4 strokes over and the leaders that had to play a sudden death match finished at 8 under. Which Tiger was a total of 10 strokes away from the lead. There was no way that he could catch up.

Now after that big to do, the two leaders that finished with the same 8 under went into a sudden death match. Now if you have seen the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance you know that this could turn into a very interesting death match and could go on for awhile. It was two holes in total I believe, but at the end of it all, the guy that they thought was going to win didn't. It was someone that they were keeping tabs on, but didn't expect to win.

The part I liked the best was the sudden death, it is absolutely on the edge of your seat excitement. Golf is a tough sport, then add in the pressure of every swing you make will either push you one step closer to the win or end everything right there.

This all goes to show that anything can happen in the world of sports and I don't want to miss a second of it!

See ya somewhere in the great big wide world of sports!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Night Lights

"Gentlemen, the hopes and dreams of an entire town are riding on your shoulders. You may never matter again in your life as much as you do right now." -Friday Night Lights

The odd part about the quote above is it is actually a pretty true thought across the board for any "good" football town... well, in Texas anyway.

If there is one thing that is purely Texan it is our obsession with football. It is something that runs deep in this part of the country and I was reminded of it on the field last night.

Last night Texas Tech held an open practice for the public. Usually the only time fans get a peek at the Red Raiders and the possibilities that will be opened up to the Red Raider fans for the up coming season is in the form of the Red and Black game or the spring game as its better known in other parts of the country. I was elated to get to see this practice, just because it's easier to see how well we have the basics down.

Before I get into the technical and the things I'm looking forward to seeing on the field, let's discuss the off the field.

I have made no bones about the fact that I stood behind Tommy Tuberville while he was at Tech. I stood behind him, because I was behind the team as a whole, not just the coach. When he left that didn't change my feelings for the team. I was still a Red Raider and I was still going to support my team. That won't change.

Here's the way things are looking off the field for the Red Raiders. The fan base is united yet again. Fans are happy that one of their own has come home to roost. They even showed up with this amazing eagerness and energy that was in the air last night. The energy from 6,000 people was amazing. I can't wait to be photoging on the sidelines while its packed out this season.

The teams energy was great, everything last night was looking amazing. So there is an optimism there for a bright season for Tech.

Not only that Kingsbury's presence at Tech has brought a new light to the female interest in the sport.So much so that I wonder if the tortilla toss will be replaced with a panty pitch.

Let me just say ladies I get it. I have met the man, the myth, the legend, and I get it. I however, didn't feel this compulsive need to throw myself at the coach, I mean its pointless. He is a man just like everyone else and at the end of the day, he wants to be treated like he is a normal human being. All super studs prefer that. Besides that he is a man and they all fall into the same category when it is all said and done. So cool your jets.

That has been an interesting turn of events in the fan base to say the very least.

Now with that said...

Here is my real opinion.

Brewer looked good and the team looked good. The receivers were looking solid and things were clicking nicely. I however am approaching this season with cautious optimism for multiple reasons.

Let's start off with its one open practice, and any athlete knows that practice is nothing like playing a game. When you work with the same kids you learn how to read their weaknesses, for that interception. Plus practices are about running and working plays so well that they are second nature. This all kind of goes back to why I love sports, anything can happen that will change the entire course of a game, and there are just somethings that you can't prepare for. No matter how much you try.

I'll even go ahead and throw out that our team is small, but that isn't anything new. The Tech football program has always had a thing for small. I"m taller than wide receiver Jakeen Grant, I'm also heavier, but you give that kid some open space and he's gone.

Now despite what I saw last night at the practice under the Friday night lights last night I still remain cautiously optimistic, for two main reasons.

First, I don't care that Kingsbury played here before. I don't care that he "knows" the program, the fact of the matter is this- he is a new coach, at his first head coaching gig, there will always be a period of adjustment. There always is in the beginning. Kids have to get use to the coach and vice versa. The big question will be, will Raider Nation allow for the grace period, or turn on someone? Given the love that has been shown for Kingsbury from Raider Nation, I feel bad for Brewer, because now there will be a new level of added stress.

Random side note, one thing that I think I enjoyed about Tuberville being at Tech was this the fans laid off the kids and stood behind the kids. When the kids dropped passes, had bad throws and missed tackles it was all Tuberville's fault. Where as in the Leach era, Leach was never at fault and people were hateful to the players, especially the QB's. I was on campus during the Taylor Potts years and it was shameful the way the kid got treated by everyone after a loss.

Maybe I will live to see the day where Red Raider Nation says, "Hey we lost. We didn't play well, it happens and its okay. We will be back next week and we will win." Instead of fans trying to find somewhere to lay the blame. I'm expecting a cold day in hell before this actually happens.

My second reason for being cautiously optimistic is the fact that we are in the Big 12 and everyone is looking to prove something every year, and you can't tell me that the coach who coached the youngest Heisman trophy recipient in history doesn't have a target on his back. Every time we take the field against a conference team, they will have more to prove than usual...and given Tech's track record for being unable to stay healthy... I'm fully expecting to get beat up early and often.

But that is just this sports junkies opinion.

Friday, April 12, 2013

We're Just Two Series In

Well, the Rangers have started the season with a bit of a bang. And its not on the field.

Well, not exactly.

This season so far we have lost two games total, but we have won both series that we have played; which means that we are looking at a four game win, which gives us some great stats. However, some of our swiftest wins have been delivered on the arm of Yu Darvish.

That makes this girl very happy. I love to watch Darvish pitch! He makes it look so effortless, signs of a great athlete. Darvish's win record alone last season is reason enough for Ranger fans to continue to be hopeful.

However, this season has already been crazy in the world of commentary off the field.

There was the ending of Darvish's perfect game that had some tasteless commentary brought on by the Astro's commentators, that I still think was blown completely out of proportion, given the context of the situation.

You can read those thoughts here.

The thing that got me this series was the things that were going on with former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton.

Anyone who watched last season knew that there was no love lost between the Rnager's fan base and Josh Hamilton. Towards the end of the season when it really should have mattered, he didn't play like it did. Lots of fans place the blame of losing out the way the Rangers did on Hamilton's shoulders, which is understandable.

Now I will be the first on record to say it’s not just one player...typically, it takes a team effort to lose.

With that said...

Hamilton finished the season with some great stats, that he had acquired in the the early part of the season, then it hit the fan and instead of trying to put out an effort, Hamilton played like he gave up and the fans in return gave up on him.

By the end of the season the fans hated Hamilton and the feeling was mutual. So following in C.J. Wilson's footsteps, Hamilton headed out to the Angels... which makes me laugh, to no end.

So upon Hamilton's exit he said in an interview that he was glad to be leaving for a city that was a baseball town... uh-hmm hello?

You are leaving to go to the Angels. There is a reason that the movies that show Angel games show empty stands.

That's neither here nor there.

So needless to say Hamilton just told the Metroplex that they weren't a baseball town, because they lacked the heritage and the 30 years of sold out stands that would qualify them as a baseball town.

Here's a tip Josh, don't piss the Texans off, were kind of a hot blooded bunch. While we hang on to our rivalries and such I guarantee you anytime something out of the state of Texas makes a big impact the full force of the state is standing behind you.

In a random act of nature let’s say the Astros make it to the World Series. I guarntee you that even as a Rangers fan I would watch and cheer on the Astros, just because they are a Texas team. That is something that people who weren't born in this state don't understand the pride that runs deep for our state.

For those of you who don't know, Hamilton is from North Carolina, and by southern standards a yankee.

Now let me throw some stats at you, because isn't that what baseball is? A game of stats.

So the Metroplex isn't a baseball town, and you traded to the Angels. Hmmm.

Sounds to me like you are looking for a little heritage Josh. Heritage teams are great, I love them, good for you!

Well, you traded to the wrong team, if you’re looking for heritage. There is a little team that was founded in 1883 called the Dodgers, and has been based in LA since 1958. The Angels you traded to however, they were founded in 1961 and have been based in Anaheim since 1966... Hmmmmmm.

The Rangers were founded the same year as the Angels and have been a part of Arlington since 1972.

So if you are looking for heritage which judging by your comments Hamilton, I assume you are... I hate to break it to you, but you went to the wrong team in California.

If that is what you are looking for?… I mean I'm confused, you want to leave for a team with some heritage and some grit behind it right? Then why wouldn't you trade to an older more established team? I might be blonde, but the logical thought just isn't there. If your poorly worded comment, just meant that you were looking to move to a team with some heritage.

But if you were making your comments to take a cut at the fans, which given your apparent maturity level I'm sure that was really the goal at hand...

Well, we let you know what we think of you. And my team let you know what they think of you too.

You were booed every time you walked up to the plate, and I love that we were willing to walk the batter in front of you just to make sure you were the final out of the game. To clench the Rangers series win.

Now, I will say this. When you got traded off Hamilton, no one cared you were really of no consequence. However, because you have the maturity of a 13 year old girl and decided to take a swipe at the fans you will suffer the repercussions of your actions. If you had just shown a hint of maturity, this would have been no big deal.

But what did the fans really expect of a low caliber individual? I mean really.

So with that said...

Hamilton, I'm glad to see you go. I wish you the best and hope that you enjoy battling it out for king of the basement with your heritage team and your "baseball town."

As for me I'll stick with the Rangers and keep my Texas pride, heritage team or not. 

And that is just this sports junkies opinion.