Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 9: I Can't Believe It Happened

So last weekend was the weekend that I professed my love for college football and that I love weekends filled with upsets, and amazing changes in the polls.

This weekend I was disgusted and couldn't stand to watch another game.

Yes, the same girl who watched for 12 solid hours the weekend before... Turned off football and said, "Sorry I have a headache."

Yup I just went there.

So this weekend Texas Tech walked into Norman with a perfect winning streak and they unfortunately didn't walk away with one.

Tech was leading the Big 12 with a perfect overall season and because of some absolutely disgusting and sloppy plays Tech suffered a loss. It was like I was saying all week leading up to it, Tech is going to have to bring their best game. I wasn't sure the team caught the bus... Well, there early on I was afraid that the offense got left in Lubbock.

What was terrible was the fact that Tech's defense got so run ragged and I think mentally beaten down early on. Webb was making mistakes that couldn't be made and then Tech wasn't able to convert when we needed to, so our defense got to see lots of field time early on. Which could have been a good thing, except I think at some point that the defense threw their hands in the air and said, what's the point? The offense isn't doing their job. So by the time we really needed the defense to step up they were too tired to do anything.

Not only that this game is a prime example of us being a late start team catching up to us. I knew it would, the question was how lucky was Tech going to get for how long. Tech can't afford late starts for the rest of the season. It has officially caught up to us and we need to fix it.

I could continue to harp about the huge hole that our defense seems to neglect to close... Come on ladies cross your legs, let's not let everyone in our business.... But I've been beating that horse from the start of the season.

One thing that I still have yet to understand the strategic gain for leaving in a player that isn't performing.

Maybe I need the men in my life to explain this to me.

I was an athlete in high school and I remember that no one was above being pulled, for not performing. My uncle was a high school varsity basketball coach (one of the winningest coaches in the state) and he would pull his own kids when they didn't perform up to standard. So I'm not understanding why when Webb couldn't make the plays, and was obviously rattled; why Kingsbury didn't pull him.

Things I guess the tata's don't understand, but you can't tell me that you weren't thinking it yourself.

None the less I got so disgusted with that game I couldn't watch anymore football after that. So instead I turned on movies this weekend.

The real problem I had with this loss was we shouldn't have lost. I won't even talk about the fact that I don't think OU's Bell probably was able to work up his best game this season for Tech. That kid was playing so far above his head it was ridiculous, and Tech couldn't make the connections, it was almost the perfect comedy of errors.

Now here's going to be the kicker for Tech. Are they going to take this loss learn from it and build to have a better game next go around, or are we going to in typical Tech fashion, roll over and die for the rest of the season and prove to everyone that Tech is a flash in the pan team?

So I will continue to watch and cheer, but Tech you've got to prove to yourself, before you can prove to the rest of the country, that you are better than people think. And it all starts when you take the field and it all starts with your mental game. Its there or its not. And this past weekend it wasn't there.

So the question this week is, will you mentally be prepared to handle what ever OSU brings? I'm not sure. We shall see...

But that is all just this sports junkies opinion.

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